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Kid Cudi Tells Apple Music About New Album ‘Man on the Moon III: The Chosen’, Encouragement From Travis Scott, Validation From Eminem, Kanye Working Relationship, and More



Kid Cudi sits down with Zane Lowe on Apple Music for a wide-ranging conversation ahead of the release of his highly anticipated third instalment of his Man on the Moon series, dropping this Friday. Cudi tells Apple Music about his approach to creating the album, the period coming out of ‘Man on the Moon II’, beginning a positive new chapter with ‘Kids See Ghosts’ and his working relationship with Kanye West, feeling slept on as a rapper and getting encouragement from Travis Scott, and how he approaches music versus acting. He also discusses working with Eminem, Travis Scott, Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, Trippie Redd, Skepta and Pop Smoke.

Video, photos, and key quotes below — feel free to use and credit Zane Lowe on Apple Music. Listen to the conversation in-full today (12/10) at 10:00a PST at or anytime on-demand at


Kid Cudi Tells Apple Music About New Album ‘Man on the Moon III: The Chosen’

Kid Cudi Tells Apple Music About Deciding To Make ‘Man on the Moon III: The Chosen’…
It was conversations I would have with my friends, like Dodd and Dennis. And then me being in the right place creatively. I was already in a really good place working on Intergalactic, going crazy on the Scotts sh-t, had that in the chamber. But then I was making something else that didn’t fit those two projects. And I think after two or three songs, I was like, “Whoa, this sh-t really feels like a Man On the Moon. Like this is what the universe is telling me to make here. So I think after two or three songs, I was like, “This is it.” I made “Tequila Shots,” “Another Day,” and She Knows This,” I believe.So I made those songs first. And that’s why you hear “Tequila Shots” and it sounds like such an introduction. It sounds like you pick right back up where we left off 10 years ago.

Kid Cudi Tells Apple Music About Isolation and Loneliness…
That’s when I did my best work, when I wrote my best sh-t or when my best ideas were conceived. I had a lot of time to just sit and think and whether it was designing the album packaging or thinking of sets for my tour, I was always plotting something. I was always figuring it out. Because I always took it like, “Oh, I’m some art student that just got some crazy grant to make whatever he wants to make.” That’s how I felt every time. Even to this day, I still feel like that. I’m just like some art student getting a crazy grant every year or to just make whatever I f-king want to make.

Kid Cudi Tells Apple Music About The Period Coming Out of ‘Man on the Moon II’ and Arrest…
I was a madman. My daughter was born that year. I was scared about being a parent. I was scared about the future because I didn’t know what I was going to do after Man On the Moon II. I had no ideas. I think I took 2011 off. I didn’t drop any music that year. Still young, still trying to figure it out. But I quit cocaine, cold turkey. I never really faced my issues with that. That’s why it ended up coming back later on in life. Because it’s not like I really addressed that sh-t when it happened. I kind of got arrested and then people knew about it and people started looking at me funny. And then it was just like, “I don’t really like the way this feels.” I just knew I have this beautiful baby girl who needs me. I have to rise to the occasion. This is not about Kid Cudi being a role model to the fans anymore and me being scared to be that. This is a whole nother beast here. I’m a father now. From that moment on, I was dropping an album every year, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016.

Kid Cudi Tells Apple Music About The Delayed Success of Man on The Moon I and II…
I didn’t feel like the first two really did what I wanted it to do. And you think about it, we talk about those albums now. Kids, they praise Man On the Moon I and II and it’s like they’re platinum now. And it gets all this love. But 2012, 2011 people weren’t praising those albums like that. And they weren’t anywhere near close to being gold at that time. Those albums got platinum 10 years later.

Kid Cudi Tells Apple Music About Beginning a New Positive Chapter With Kanye on ‘Kids See Ghosts’…
I had to give into the pain a little bit, because I’ve been fighting it for so long and I had to give in to the pain because that was the only way I was going to heal. I dropped Passion Pain, but I wrote that album from a hopeful place like these are the things that I want to feel one day, but I was still completely miserable when I made that record. So that’s why Kids See Ghost was so big because it was for the first time in almost forever in the history of my career, I was really excited about doing some new sh-t that was positive, and wasn’t a downer, and it was like uplifting. And like the one thing that Kanye said he wanted to do was make a spiritual album. And I was like, “Yes, that’s exactly what I want to do.” And he said this before we had “Reborn,” when we started the project, it was just established. He was like, “I want to make a spiritual album.” That was like music to my ears. I think the fact that we were both dealing with the same things at the same time is what made it such a solid thing. Because if one of us was on another page than the other, then it would have not come together how it came together. I think we were both feeling like we were entering new chapters in our lives. We just shed old skin and we’re starting new. That energy just ran through the whole project.

Kid Cudi Tells Apple Music What He Thinks Is The Most Significant Song on ‘Kids See Ghosts’…
Definitely “Reborn.” Definitely. And when I made that record, I was like, man, I hope Kanye likes this. I know it’s little different, but at the time I just thought that maybe it was just too soft of a record fan. But he loved it. That’s the thing. We were just discovering a new thing. The things, all the ideas that I thought of Kanye West or what I thought he might like were out the window. I thought he would hear “Reborn” and be like, “Oh that’s cool. What else you got?” But literally he was like, “Play that back. Play that back. This our sh-t! This about to be on the album.” Just like that.

Kid Cudi Tells Apple Music About Working with Kanye…
When I’m working with Ye, it’s always like, “I hope he likes this sh-t.” It doesn’t matter how excited I get or the people in the room around me get. If he doesn’t f-king like it, then I got to f-king rewrite it. But in the whole entire history of me and Kanye West working, I’ve never written something where he’s been like, “Rewrite that.” Never. We bounce ideas and sh-t even when we were doing a writing on Kids See Ghosts, I would write the verse and he’d take it, read it, and say, “All right, cool.” And record it. And I would just be like, “Holy f-k. Holy sh-t, that was close. I just had to f-king write a rap for Ye. Like Holy sh-t. I’m glad he liked it. He could’ve said this sucks right at the beginning.”

Kid Cudi Tells Apple Music About Recording “Already Come” With Jay-Z…
I’m working on these beats that he gave me. He gave me about eight beats. He has this one beat that I love. It’s the first beat in the pack that he sent me. And I’m just like, “Oh my God, this beat is amazing. This is like the Kanye West beat. Holy f-k, I got to do something to this. I got to make something amazing. Like, Holy sh-t, Jay-Z’s waiting on this.” So then I’m sitting there, I come up with an idea I’m out there for maybe all 10, 15 minutes. Kanye comes out. He’s like, “So what you got?” I’m like, “Oh my God.” I’ve got eight beats he gave me, I only have one idea. And I was just like, “Hey yeah man, I got this one idea. I don’t know if you like it or not, but this is it.” He’s like, “Tell me. Tell me.” So it was like, (singing).Record that right now. Record that right now. I was like, “You’re sure?” ” Yes, yes, yes. Record it. Let’s go to the studio right now.” We went in the booth, I recorded it. I’m nervous as sh-t, but like in the live room, all I see is just people jumping around dancing, going crazy. The response was wild. And I was just in the booth like, “Okay. Right. I have to do this a million more times.” It wasn’t a moment where I was like, “Yes, I did it.” I was like, okay, now I got to do this like a million more times. Every time they come to me, I got to come with that sh-t.

Kid Cudi Tells Apple Music About Ambition and Being Inspired by Kanye, Pharrell, and Andre 3000..
I had these ambitions of making cinematic sounding music and sh-t like that, and taking people to new places, all these weird things. But these weren’t things that someone who’s trying to sell a million records or whatever would do at the time. Put an orchestra and all these things. These are new things, and these are the things that I got from Kanye or some sh-t I might’ve got from Andre 3000 or Pharrell. These were my OGs. These were the guys that I saw and was like, “I want to do my own sh-t and make something different like that.I want to stick out like a sore thumb. I want to just be like Kid Cudi, my own genre music.”

Kid Cudi Tells Apple Music About His Album Process…
For this, I might have made 12 songs in two weeks, and there I was like, “Okay, let me take a step back and see what I got now. This song goes right here. This song goes right here.” Because before I start the album, I’m like, what are the things I want to discuss? What are the things I want to touch on? And then after I do that, then it’s like, I create whatever I’m feeling with the music. Bang out, however long it takes me. In this case, two weeks in other cases, months. But this was really fast. And once I sit and I see all the stuff that I have in front of me and I feel like I’ve discussed everything that I needed to discuss- Right. Then I’m like, “Okay, I’ve got the album.”

Kid Cudi Tells Apple Music About Feeling Slept on As a Rapper And Getting Encouragement From Travis Scott…
Early on, before I started working on this sh-t. I was like, “My next sh-t got to be bars.” I knew that, because I just remember Travis saying something to me about my raps. He was just like, “Man, your raps, man. I love when you rap.” And I was just like, “Okay.” I kept that in mind. I said, “Okay. Travis is saying my raps are good. That must be something that the kids like. I’ll keep that in mind.”

This is right when we were working on the working on Scotts. No. This is before. Yeah. Right when we were working on The Scotts. Early on. Before we had the Scott song, but this is like early on sessions. Right. I just like wanted to give him exactly what he loved about Kid Cudi. And for him, it was these bars, you know? But I felt like in hip hop, I’m slept on as a rapper. You know, as a lyricist. And I really wanted to elevate my whole sh-t on that front, on this project. And I did that with the rapping and the singing. Everything has kind of evolved. And the added little sprinkle of ad-libs. Something I’ve never really done before either, you know. I’ve done … I was able to do it in my own little way, you know? So it remains authentic just doesn’t sound like I’m doing ad-libs like everybody else. You know?

Kid Cudi Tells Apple Music About Getting Validation From Eminem and Working With Him on “The Adventures of Moon Man and Slim Shady”…
That was me. Like, “Yo, I want to be respected as an emcee. Yo, who do I f-king get? Who do I f-king get to spar with? Who do I go bar for bar with? Eminem.” Man, I tweeted at him. No, it wasn’t even in the DMs. Just my timeline. It was public. I was like, “Yo Rap God, help!” And we’re really close with Paul Rosenberg and he was able to connect us and we were able to get it done. He was in Detroit, I was in LA. It’s a nail biter. Because I’m like waiting, I’m waiting. And I’m like, “Oh sh-t. They’re asking me questions. They don’t say he’s going to do it just yet. They’re just asking me questions. And I’m like, so this means he’s going to do it. Right? Because they’re asking me questions. And literally it was like every day I was like, “Is today going to be the day? Is today going to be the day?” And like, I got it. And I was like, “Holy sh-t.” I was like, it was something for me to get the validation from Eminem by doing that record. Him doing that record let me know, like he was telling me like, “Yo, I f-k with you as an artist fully, even your bars are dope.”

Kid Cudi Tells Apple Music About Working With Trippie Redd…
I think Trippie came in, I played him a few records, and he kind of like got the tone, knew the importance of it being a Man On the Moon, and went in there and hit it out the park. Like it was like perfect, you know? Like perfect subject matter. And he just rode the beat in an epic way.

Kid Cudi Tells Apple Music About Making a Song With Skepta and Pop Smoke…
Well, it was powerful because like I talked to Steven Victor about this and he said, when he first recorded this song, he had thought of me on it. Steven had thought of me on it. The reason why I kind of got this record, Dot Da Genius and Plain Pat had worked with Pop, like before he blew up at the Brewery in New York, at Dot’s studio. And they had this record, they just never did anything with it. It was just something that Dot had on tuck, you know? And I was chilling with them one day because Dot’s working on our album and he was like, “Yo, I got this record. I’m going to play it for you. Let me know what you think.” He plays this sh-t. And I’m like, “I need this. Like I need this, man.” I was like, “Nobody’s ever heard me on anything like this. Skepta sounds amazing. Pop Smoke sounds amazing. Like this would be so unexpected. I think I can be on this and I could hold it down and like do my thing.” And this is also another way I can, you know, showcase these bars.

Kid Cudi Tells Apple Music About Being Inspired By Snoop Dogg To Write Quickly…
I did a session with Snoop Dogg years ago, he wrote this verse for the song we did. It was a song that never came out officially. It was like, it was a song that leaked or whatever. And we never put it out officially. I remember Snoop coming into the studio, me playing a beat for him, him getting a pen and some paper, writing this verse in like 15 minutes and laying it down. And it was like, chef’s kiss. Like I always … Like ever since that moment, I was like, “Yo, I want to get to that level.” Because it didn’t take me 15 minutes to write a rap at a time, you know? It took me hours, you know? So like over the years, I’ve just gotten better with this writing sh-t I’m not judging myself when I’m writing something. I’m letting it flow. I’m not like, “Oh no, not this. Not that.” I’m just like, “Dope, dope line. Maybe I can say this different, dope.” You know what I’m saying?

Kid Cudi Tells Apple Music About Music Versus Acting…
Yeah, yeah, yeah. They both give me the sh-t that I need.Yeah, the feeling. You know what I mean? It’s like the music, it ignites something in me every time I’m doing it. It never feels like a chore. It never feels like work. I feel really lucky to be doing what I’m doing, and the same thing for acting. I literally have an out of body experience and I’m in the moment, and I’m there with the other actors and we’re in the camaraderie. I spent five months in Italy last year doing We Are Who We Are, I wasn’t working on music during that time. I totally just focused on the show. That was a character that was so far from me and so different than anything I’ve ever done before, that it needed my attention like that. I needed to be hyper-focused on what I was doing.

Kid Cudi Tells Apple Music About Hoping To Tour The Album…
This album was made with touring in mind. I really plan on hitting the ground running when we can get back out there, man. Because it’s been a long time since I’ve been on a big tour and I want to blow this up.



Showboy unveils new signee 2hype Kaytee with debut music video for “B3yiee” (WATCH)



US-based Ghanaian hip-hop/hiplife artistes and music executive Showboy has unveiled his label’s newest signee, 2hype Kaytee, with a brand new single and music video for “B3yie.”

2hypegang Worldwide – the famous Ghanaian record label owned and managed by the embattled rapper – has introduced fast-rising rapper 2hype Kaytee into the market.

Announcing the new signee, Showboy said he is a music talent and would easily recognise talent and a potential hitmaker when he sees one.

According to Showboy, 2hype Kaytee’s is a rap virtuoso who has been working hard for years while underground and that he believes this is the right time for Ghanaians and music lovers across the globe to witness a unique talent and music.

Accompanying his announcement is the release of 2hype Kaytee’s debut single “B3yie” (to wit ‘witchcraft or sorcery in Twi dialect) with feature from Showboy. The title metaphorically explains 2hype Kaytee’s audacity on the mic and puts him across as a whiz-kid.

His execution on “B3yie” has been described as an ‘impeccable effort’ by the CEO of 2hypegang Worldwide.

“B3yie” – a mid-tempo hardcore trap jam produced by Sector Made It and mixed and mastered by Ivan Beatz – infers how deadly the young rapper is when it comes to delivery and matured lyricism.

The song is accompanied by a Maddox-directed visual music video featuring a cameo appearance from Bosom PYung.

Watch the full music video below and share your candid views with us. The song is available on all music streaming platforms.

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Larruso’s ‘’New Gen’’ EP arrives alongside all-new video for ‘Wolewa’ (Come Inside)’



Afro-dancehall sensation, Larruso’s debut EP offers a feel-good experience that places him in the fore of Ghanaian dancehall music as he freewheels over a range of experimental melodies. Listen here:


Previewing with two singles prior to its official announcement ‘’New Gen’’ does not fall short of a smooth supply of tuneful beat selections and potential bangers. It is an aggregate of Larruso’s vision so far, meld together by familiar, yet refreshing concepts and a feature list accommodating of the young artist’s style.



The 8-track EP books features from the likes of the god MC, M.anifest, Suzzway, Nigeria’s very own, Bella Shmurda, Kelvyn Boy, Samini and J. Derobie, aside a compelling mix of producers which include The One, Beatz Dakay, Phantom, Jaemally, Gigz Beatz, Mix Master Garzy and Finchy.


For a project meant to inspire the prodigy’s avant-gardist role in his time, things are brought to a roaring start on the pre-released ‘New Gen’. Here, Larruso ushers in the age of this new generation he’s standing in for. ‘’We have a big dream and, how our family fit look past streets wey we dey pon?’’, he questions, backing up with chants and verses of empowerment. This invigorating theme persists into the EP’s first pre-released song ‘The Truth’ featuring the god MC, Manifest. On the soothing song, both artists free their energies into a pool of thoughts that are expressive of life in a country that grows increasingly hellish for the generation in question.

The tone of the EP hereafter shifts to a more ambient and easy-going sound ‘Body’ featuring Suzzway goes big on Larruso’s glossy vocals, while ‘Wolewa’ (Come Inside) featuring Nigeria’s very own, Bella Shmurda embraces a fun feel. The latter drops alongside a colorful video directed by Yaw Skyface and has lots of choreography to keep the song’s playfulness untouched. ‘Hit & Run’ isn’t far behind the explosive Afrobeat wave either, bearing the candid and fleeting emotions of the self-proclaimed nineties bad boy, before ushering in the project’s biggest in terms of collaborations ‘No Chance’.

Sweeping listeners back into his preferred domain ‘No Chance’ has Larruso tag Kelyvn Boy and Samini on the highly palatable Finchy production to make known their uncompromising nature to much finesse. ‘Addicted’ featuring J. Derobie slots in next to ferry listeners aboard the love express once more, yielding crooned verses of how special Larruso’s love interest is to him: ‘’Cause you know me and you have a different vibe/Make up your mind, come with me let’s ride’’. The finally EP comes to a soothing close thanks to Larruso’s resolute composure on solo effort ‘High Meditation’, in a bid to not to escape bad memories.


‘’New Gen’’ projects the Afro-dancehall star’s status as torchbearer in it’s entirety and is effortless in setting itself up as a benchmark for all dancehall EP’s to follow. Stream ‘’New Gen’’ by Larruso here:


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Boma reveals how his relationship with Tega was all part of his game plan



On this week’s episode of #WithChude, BBNiaja star and actor Boma Martins Akpore, popularly known as Boma, opens up on his intimate relationship with fellow Big Brother housemate Tega Offiong Dominic-Ajeboh, popularly referred to as Tega.

Boma revealed that his relationship with Tega was all part of his game plan to make the best out of his time in the house. For him, he was just switching into character and there was nothing more to it. In his words, “The way I was looking at it was, I have been on set. I have done the same actions, maybe even worse on set. I have kissed. I have romanced people. I have been an actor. I have played romantic scenes with people’s wives or people’s girlfriends. As soon as they say cut, everybody goes home to wherever they came from. That’s how I was looking at it.”

“It was a show. That’s why when they asked when I left the show, without me even knowing what was happening outside, I said, ‘the Show is done. We are all going back to our families. I’m going back to my girl. She is going back to her own family”, he concluded.

Boma also revealed that once he sees cameras around him, he switches into character and that way, no one can get a glimpse into his life. He said that despite being in the entertainment industry- constantly in front of cameras- for about eighteen years no one knew he was married. In his words “If you think my reality is in front of the camera, you’ve missed the way fully and I’m happy that you have.”

When asked about his xxx, Boma said, “The results that we get in life are the prize that we get for our actions. Therefore before you take an action, be aware of the prize, good or bad, that will result from it and let that be the guide for whether or not you will take that action.”

Watch the video here:


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A post shared by Chude Jideonwo (@chudeity)

#WithChude is a special series of targeted multimedia conversations and investigations focused on narratives that enable and strengthen the mind, heart, and spirit.

All past and new episodes of #WithChude premiere on Saturdays at 7 am on You can also watch the show every Saturday on Channels TV at 1 pm, with reruns every Sunday on Wazobia TV Channel 98 at 5 pm, every Tuesday on Rave Tv at 5 pm, every Wednesday on Pop Central Station DSTV Channel 189 at 8 pm, and every Thursday on EbonyLife TV StarTimes Channel 189/191 at 7:30 pm.

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Akwesi Orlando drops new afrobeat song, “ISSUE”



Music newcomer, Akwesi Orlando finally dished out his classic afrobeat song titled “ISSUE,” lyrics of the song was delivered in both English and Twi to officially set the silky singer’s music career in motion.

ISSUE details emotional battles lovers faced during the different phases of their relationships, also capturing the underlying expression of true desire and willingness to maintain the relationship regardless of the constant problems. The song also paves the way for lovers to boldly bring to the table challenges and deal with them right away rather than remaining mute and being completely consumed by the pains.

Akwesi Orlando has continued to receive arguably loud applauds from music enthusiasts and key practitioners of music for his lyrical dexterity combined with daily relatable true-life events happening all around us. His name started being stack on the lips fans when he joined forces with Fameye to release his debut single “Ankonam” in 2020, and since then, the industry has been anxiously waiting for another single from him.

Lo and behold, he has shared ISSUE, which he has personally said is one of his favourite singles on his music rack. ISSUE was produced by Zongo Boii, and the extreme.


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Berry Vodca Drops Visuals For New Song ‘Kyere’



Expensive Music signed Artiste, Berry Vodca has dropped his first official single few months after introducing himself onto the music scene with his ‘VIBERATION’ Ep.

The Rapper who is obviously in the music game to make a statement after enjoying great feedback from his Ep has dropped another song titled ‘Kyere’ together with an official music video.

‘Kyere’ produced by Klasic Beatz is out now and available on all digital platforms for streaming and purchase.

Signed to Expensive Music Record Label, Berry Vodca promises to continue dropping entertaining songs periodically for his fans and music lovers to enjoy.


You can stream it here >>>>>>

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Mista Silva brings back the colourful vibes from the motherland with his new hit single ft E.L ‘Wavy Level’



3 x MOBO nominee and 4 x award winning artist , high-energy vocals on the instrumental combined with E.L’ s low tone feel-good vibes pieces together the perfect collaboration, mixing and blending the streets of London and Accra to give a worldwide ‘Wavy Level.’ to add the icing on this freshly baked banger produced by E.L himself the visual brings the vibes to life, displaying quality pictures with style, attitude, energy, confidence and culture.

Mista Silva Ful Vilm 2. UK Afrobeats. Afrobeats F2D. Ghana Music, Afrobeats Pioneer. UK Afrobeats Pioneer,

Papa Kwame Amponsa, known by his stage name Mista Silva, is a British-Ghanaian musician from Brockley, London. Mista Silva released his debut EP, Full Vim, in 2012. Its success led to a record single deal with Polydor Universal in 2014.

He was the first unsigned UK Afrobeats artist to have his music playlisted by BBC 1Xtra with well received tracks “Now Wats Up” & “Boom Boom Tah” .

Mista Silva is highly regarded as one of the key foundation layers for the Afrobeats movement within the U.K. & Europe and if often giving the title “Pioneer” as many see his work as what knocked down the barriers & stereotypes associated with African cultures in the diaspora. His work has allowed many young musicians & music workers to flourish with the Afrobeats movement.

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