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King Of Afro-Dance, A-Star releases “Stepping Good” featuring Sho Madjozi



A-Star kicks off the start of Summer  with his brand new dynamic single “Stepping Good”. As one of Afrobeats’ most innovative artists originating from South London, the AfroDance creator joins forces with Epic Records latest signee Sho Madjozi – the South African rap sensation. The two combine their talents to bring us this feel good single that will instantly have you wanting to shake a leg wherever you may be. LISTEN HERE

“Stepping Good” is an Afro Dance track which acts as an introduction into the next chapter of what A-Star has in store musically; he delivers an infectious chorus rounded off perfectly with verses from Sho Madjozi. This track serves its purpose as it provides the ultimate anthem for dancers but also music lovers in general; it will only be a matter of time before this track creates what every one of A-Star’s releases has created – viral dance challenges across social media.

“This single is one of my favourite songs I’ve written, it’s just such a vibe, a song that automatically puts me in a good mood and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it and feel exactly what I do when I listen to it. Collaborating with Sho Madjozi was a no-brainer, I am a fan of her artistry and her sound just worked incredibly well with this single.” – A-Star comments on the track.

What A-Star brings to today’s music industry is something that has not been seen before especially within the Afrobeats culture. His innovation sees no limits as he strives towards dominating an Afro-Dance genre he created. A huge testament to this is an upcoming track A-Star was asked to remix – Shift K3Y and Tinashe’s single “Love Line”; with these two stars recognising his talents it’s only a matter of time before the world does…


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