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Kizz Daniel announces his highly anticipated album, ‘Maverick’



Celebrated Afrobeats sensation, Kizz Daniel, is set to take his fans on a thrilling journey with his upcoming album, “Maverick.” The internationally acclaimed artist, fondly known as Vado The Great, has consistently pushed the boundaries of creativity in his music, and “Maverick” promises to be a magnum opus that showcases his true self-expression.

In this album, Kizz Daniel bares his soul, offering a piece of himself that he has kept hidden for some time. He shares, “The only thing that kept coming to my mind when we were making this album was pretty much, I want to do what I know how to do, I want to make music the way I want to make music. For Maverick, It’s my expression, I think the inspiration about it just explained itself now. I want to give a piece of me that I have been hiding all this while.” he said, revealing the inspiration behind the album.


“Maverick” delves into themes of love, growth, emotion, resilience, and introspection, inviting listeners to join Kizz Daniel on a deeply personal and mature musical journey. The album’s tracks feature infectious hooks and thought-provoking lyrics, reflecting his evolution as an artist.


Kizz Daniel elaborates, “Recently, I’ve been trying a more dilute version of Vado just to appease the fans, but this time around, I just decided to go hard.” The artist has grown and matured throughout his illustrious career, and “Maverick” serves as a testament to his artistic growth and authenticity.


Showcasing his ability to merge his artistry with diverse talents, Kizz Daniel collaborates with renowned hit makers and emerging prodigies, bringing a captivating dynamic to the album.



“Maverick” is poised to captivate audiences with its unique and unorthodox style, combining Kizz Daniel’s signature sound with innovative beats and melodies. The album promises to be an extraordinary musical experience, one that fans have been eagerly awaiting.

Kizz Daniel’s “Maverick” is scheduled for release on 28th July 2023. Preorder