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KJ Spio, Sarkodie, Loick and Ambré release new single ‘Jealous’ 



Four incredibly talents individuals across the music industry from different corners of the world join forces for a brand-new collaborative Afro/r&b single ‘Jealous’.

‘Jealous’ brings together UK singer Loick and Roc Nation US singer Ambré for a female empowerment single. The two sonically complement each other throughout the track with their beautiful vocals, whilst African Rap giant Sarkodie takes a verse about his leading lady.

Loick leads the way with his voice floating above the simmering keys delivering beautiful melodies with Ambré taking over effortlessly, singing in her sweet, compelling voice. Their vocals then blend over each other in a unique way, intertwining so smoothly.

KJ Spio says “it’s about treating someone so well and making someone so happy that others are jealous of the relationship”


The track delves into appreciation of women and treating them right which is shown in the visuals.


Acclaimed culturepreneur KJ Spio is a one-man mood enhancer – a musical multi-hyphenate devoted to upping the ambiance of whatever social situation you might find yourself in. “I’m all about creating a vibe that helps people have fun and enjoy themselves, whether they’re at a party or somewhere more intimate,” smiles the Ghana-born artist.

“Wait,” you might be wondering: “what’s a culturepreneur”? For Spio, the term reflects the ever-changing role he’s held down in the UK and African music industries for almost a decade now, pushing the culture forward in whatever new and exciting ways he can dream up. Sometimes, that has meant managing artists like late great British talent Cadet, whose single ‘Advice’ he helped become a platinum smash independently with over 250m streams. Other times, that has meant creative-directing and A&R for superstars like Ghanian icon Sarkodie, whose first ever virtual concert, performing at the country’s historic Independence Square, broke records for live streams. Genre doesn’t matter – only authenticity. “If it’s not progressive to the collective culture, I don’t do it,” insists the hitmaker, who began his journey in the music industry as road manager-turned-content creator for UK rap hero Big Narstie and hasn’t stopped hustling for the music scene he adores since.


Watch video below.

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