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KK Fosu congratulates Samini and Kokoveli on their academic success



Ghanaian Highlife musician KK Fosu extends warm congratulations to his fellow music colleagues, Samini and Kokoveli, for completing their studies at the prestigious Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA).

The trio, famously known for forming the defunct music group “Trinity,” left an indelible mark on the music scene with a string of hit songs in the vibrant 2000s era.

KK Fosu, an active figure in the music industry, expressed his admiration for his colleagues’ decision to embark on a journey of academic excellence while still maintaining their passion for music. He commended their dedication and perseverance in achieving academic success, believing that their newly acquired knowledge would have a positive impact on the Ghanaian music industry.


In a recent interview, KK Fosu joyfully exclaimed, “I thank God for guiding my brothers through this educational journey. I am delighted about the academic excellence, and I hope they come and impact the world, especially the Ghanaian music industry, with their knowledge.”

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Despite the realization that the three musicians have gone separate ways in the music industry, KK Fosu said that the friendship between them remains strong. He teased interesting future collaborations between them, offering music fans a taste of the alchemy that made “Trinity” famous.

They accomplished a remarkable feat by earning 2nd Class Upper Honours in BSc. Project Management upon their completion from GIMPA. The achievement of these talented musicians has garnered widespread applause on social media platforms, with users hailing their determination to pursue academic excellence while simultaneously pursuing their artistic passion.


The success story of Samini and Kokoveli serves as an inspiring example for other musicians and artists. Their dedication to their studies showcases the importance of striking a balance between pursuing a formal education and following one’s dreams. The hope is that their achievements will motivate other individuals within the music industry to follow a similar trajectory, embracing both educational pursuits and creative endeavors.

As Samini and Kokoveli begin this new chapter in their lives, music enthusiasts eagerly await the influence they will bring to the industry armed with their newfound knowledge and experience. With KK Fosu standing as a supportive pillar behind them, the future looks bright for this trio, and the Ghanaian music scene can anticipate exciting projects that will continue to captivate audiences and celebrate the rich musical heritage of the nation.

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