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Know your rights! Musician Kwesi Tumtum shares his interesting court case with Motor Traffic and Transport Unit


Know your rights! Musician Kwesi Tumtum shares his interesting court case with Motor Traffic and Transport Unit

As an upcoming musician, one of my main aims is to help give voice to the voiceless and instil confidence, love and to help change the negative ways in people. Unfortunately, the society we find ourself is filled with corruption from the highest officials. 

On Monday, 6th February, 2018, as I was on my way from Central University, Miotso to Tema, I was stopped by a bunch of MTTU officials on the Dawhenya road. As it has now turned the norm, most of these officials will be off the view that any young guy driving a luxurious car is a “sakawa” boy. Now one inspector Ayivor came to my vehicle and asked me if I had a driving license.

I initially couldn’t find it in my compartment which is the usual place I keep it. I know at that moment he felt he had me for that. But I checked my wallet and it was in there. He then went ahead to check other documents of my car which was all intact. Normally, I would be asked to leave at this point but this Inspector asked me if I had a spare tyre.

At that point, I had no spare tyre with me. He started to talk at length of the importance of having a spare tyre with me. Usually, this is the stage where drivers would plead and hand over some money to the officer so they can leave but I was in no way going to bribe an official. He took out a book and starting writing my details and told me he was booking me to appear before court. I said okay and he looked at me in a weird way. He filled some details and gave me the paper and told me I will be called to court. (find attached)  He said he will keep my license. I said okay, thanked him and drove off. I saw him looking at the car in surprise as I drove off. 

As soon as I got home, I informed my big brother who is a lawyer, and his remarks was disappointedly suggesting I should have “settled” the policeman. I also discussed the issue with some of my friends and they all were of the view that i should have bribed the inspector. I only wondered what kind of system we are building for our children. Some were like if Im sent to prison…… I laughed at that. Go to prison for not having a spare tyre?

I got called to appear before court this morning (Thursday, February 7, 2018) As I arrived, the inspector who was supposed to go with me into the court room hadn’t arrived yet. He was called several times before he showed up with an angry face. We got called.

The judge didn’t keep too long in hearing the case. I was asked to get a spare tyre and I told the judge I had bought one and brought it with me. He then asked why we were here then and asked the inspector to take me back to the station, check my spare tyre and give me back my license. At this point, you could tell he was totally annoyed. He didn’t even bother to go check my spare tyre and just handed me back my license after we had left the court room.

I know most citizens give bribes to officials out of fear and the time waste. But I wish we all try to stop this act. If we stop corrupting our officials, it would greatly impact the society positively in different ways we can’t even imagine. Don’t be afraid of the police. And please don’t give bribes to them. The law is there to protect us. Don’t be scared of it.

Thank you.

Kwesi Tumtum.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Roy Dupeh

    February 13, 2018 at 5:49 am

    That was a great feat attained. We are always complaining that police officials are corrupt when in the real case we are those who initiates the bribery process. It takes people with small effects like this to make the great and much needed change we are all looking for. Thanks bro and keep it up

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