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Listen UP: Kobby Major releases ‘Gimme space’ featuring Ayesem



Western Region’s Hiphop icon Kobby Major releases ‘Gimme space’ featuring Ayesem 

Leading Hiphop Icon in Western Region, Kobby Major has released a hiphop song which addresses how some friends pose as lovers but in reality they do not have the good interest of their supposed friends in mind.

“I noticed that there are some people around who come to you and pose as if they have better plan for what you are doing but in reality, they don’t. You later realize that they are human parasites. So you should ask them go give you space for the original people” Kobby Major’s motivation for ‘Gimme space.’

Kobby Major, a household name in the Western Region is known for ‘iKobby EP,’ ‘The Unorthodox Tape,’ and ‘True School EP.’


Download Swit produced ‘Gimme Space’ featuring Ayesem below: