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Kobina Ansah's 4-cast hit play, Tribeless returns to the National Theatre!!!



Last year, if you missed the ever-inspirational stage play, TRIBELESS, you have the opportunity to see it now. The four-cast play shows this June at National Theatre! Yaaay! Having carved a niche for himself in the creative industry, particularly theatre, Kobina Ansah has always had a queer way of churning conversations around his themes. In his recent play, he touches on using what you’ve to get what you want. Woven around four ghetto friends who are almost fed up with life, TRIBELESS is about getting what one wants with what they have… with the right conscience. The musical is laced with contemporary songs that perfectly convey its message of inspiration. TRIBELESS is a cocktail of motivation, punchy rap and soothing music served on a plate of wits and humor. Other plays by the playwright include This Family Is Not For Sale [Season 1 and 2], I Want To Sue God and My Wife-in-law. TRIBELESS shows on Saturday, June 16th, 2018 at National Theatre. Source: Scribe News]]>



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