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Ameyaw Debrah with Kofi Annan[/caption] Former UN Sectary General, Kofi Annan has released a statement on the widely troubled elections in Kenya. He said: I applaud the people of Kenya for their commitment to democracy, which they demonstrated so enthusiastically during the recent elections, notably by turning out in such high numbers. I congratulate President Kenyatta on his re-election and his victory speech in which he reached out to his rival and called on all Kenyans to reconcile and embrace peace. I urge him to pursue these efforts to bring together all elements of Kenyan society to move the country forward. I commend the leader of the Opposition, Raila Odinga for the peaceful electoral campaign that he led. He has been a courageous defender of democracy. So I urge him now to pursue his concerns over the electoral outcome through the due process of law and to put the interest of the nation first, as he has patriotically done on past occasions. I join Kenyans in mourning those who have already died over this election, and sincerely hope there will be no more. Peace, stability and prosperity depend on the political leaders of Kenya. They should be careful with their rhetoric and actions in this tense atmosphere and I urge them to act responsibly. The people of Kenya have once again shown their commitment and desire for a peaceful future. I call on all of Kenya’s leaders to ensure that their hopes are not disappointed. Kofi Annan Chair of the Kofi Annan Foundation]]>