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Kuami Eugene reveals why his fashion was ‘poor’ at the beginning of his career



Ghanaian musician, Kuami Eugene has highlighted some difficult experiences he faced as a new artist in the music industry.

At the beginning of what will turn out to be a successful career for the young musician, Kuami Eugene was heavily criticised for his fashion sense.

Every outfit he wore was faced with heavy criticism. However, the “Rockstar” was focused on his music and turned a deaf ear to the trolls.


In a recent appearance  on an episode of Sincerely Accra of the Gold Coast Report, the Lynx Entertainment signee has revealed why he did not have the resources to look as good as the other musicians he was been compared to at the time.

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According to the “Single” hitmaker, he came from nothing and was focused at providing for his family, rather than spending on himself at the time.

“When I came to Lynx Entertainment trust me, I actually had nothing. Like when I say nothing, I don’t really have like that (said in Twi). Because my Mum didn’t have money, my Dad didn’t have money. And you can’t compare me to some other artists that I came with because they were living in their parents’ house. My Mum, my Dad, myself, and my siblings were living in a rented apartment. It wasn’t okay for all of us. I had to move at the age of 18 and go and live in Tabora start some life before joining Hitmaker and all,” he said.


“So, the time everyone was talking about how look at his shoes, look at this top he was wearing. Trust me I was trying to put things together so the things these other artists will go and buy from maybe a boutique and put it on maybe you don’t know (said in Twi) I had to go to kanta early in the morning (said in Twi) and go and put it together,” he disclosed.

Kuami Eugene also revealed that he had to resort to buying already worn clothes just for appearances because he couldn’t afford to buy all the labels.

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“I’m saying this here for the very first time: I had to go to maybe Kanta Kantamanto early in the morning (said in Twi) to put them together and trust me it won’t look as good as someone who has gone to buy from a boutique, or it has been sent to them from abroad (partly said in Twi). So, you can’t compare the two of us. And people will say these things not knowing my pocket,” he added.


Kuami reveals his main priority was to get a good place for his mother to stay rather than buy designer clothes and spend lavishly on himself;

“I had to find somewhere better for her to stay before I think of maybe putting on Louis Vuitton or maybe a nice t-shirt that cost 200 Ghana cedis. It was too much for me then, so I had to find a place for my Mum,” he explained.

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