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Kwabena Kwabena’s new touch with his feminine side gets tongues wagging



Ghanaian high-life singer, Kwabena Kwabena has gotten in touch with his feminine side, and people are talking.

The award-winning singer first showcased his new look in a new photo last week. In the photo, he had posed with one hand on the waist and painted toe nails.

The photo did not catch us much attention as this one that he posted yesterday.

In the new photo, which he posted on his Instagram, the “Aso’ hitmaker was adorned in a red outfit seated with a glass of wine, and his toe nails painted in blue nail polish with the caption;

“Happy Sunday.”

The photo caught the attention of his followers who had mixed reactions to his new look.

One user commented, “Speechless”.

Another commented, “nigga turn gay low key.”

One other user, who was very much in love with the nails commented, “#slayking, that blue nail polish is popping.”

See screenshots of comments below:



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