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Lamar Jackson sets deadline for his contract



Lamar Jackson

There is a lot of noise away from the field surrounding the Baltimore Ravens at the moment and it is a noise that is going to be impossible to silence ahead of the 2022 NFL season.

The team will be looking to improve on last season’s showing where they fell to an 8-9 record after starting 7-3 and looking like a solid AFC playoff contender. Of course, injuries blighted John Harbaugh’s side, and that had a significant impact on the entire campaign, as it seemed nothing went right for the Maryland natives.

Jackson wants things done by Week 1

While many will be looking – and expecting – a huge improvement on last year, one man that will be tasked with that role is Lamar Jackson. The quarterback has been impressive since being drafted by the Ravens, however, there will be questions regarding the relationship between the franchise and their star QB.

All of the noise to have come out of the M&T Bank Stadium recently has surrounded the fact that his rookie contract is entering its final year and whether the organization will look to try and strike a deal to extend his stay with Baltimore.


Indeed, there is no denying that the franchise wants to keep him on their roster, but it appears as though they have been unwilling to come to the table and offer Jackson the deal that he wants. Now, it seems as though he has put a deadline on when that needs to happen by.

According to a report by the site, the player has reportedly said that he wants the contract situation sorted out by the time the Ravens take to the field against the New York Jets in Week 1 of the 2022 NFL season; a contest that is scheduled for Sunday, September 11.


Handling the situation by himself as he continues to represent himself without an agent, Jackson has revealed that he has no update to provide regarding the situation and it seems the date is a hard deadline. If an agreement is unable to be reached, the quarterback would be able to hit free agency in March, although the Ravens could end up simply placing their franchise tag on the star player, thus then having even more time to try and thrash out an agreement.

The contract situation needs to get sorted out as quickly as possible

Lamar Jackson sets deadline for his contract

Lamar Jackson sets deadline for his contract

As the 2022 NFL season approaches, everyone knows what a focused Jackson is able to produce, with the QB currently 37-for-49 in regular-season games that he has been the starter in the four seasons he has been at the organization.

Naturally, given the record that he has, there will be a lot of disappointment and anger from the team’s avid and enthusiastic fans if they were to let the contract situation drag on a lot longer than they perhaps need to given the impact that he has had in Maryland.

Since sports betting became legal in the state, many have actually continued to back their team to reach the NFL playoffs each season with Jackson as the starter, and many would have been hoping he would go into the campaign with a mind that was not clouded regarding his future at the team.

Indeed, with BetMGM’s sportsbook for Maryland players available in the State many will have been pretty interested in the odds that were made to wager on the team and its chances of reaching the postseason after last year’s disappointment, while some might have even fancied the team for a Super Bowl run if they were to all remain healthy and available for Harbaugh to select on gameday.


However, with no new deal on the table and no real sign or willingness from the Ravens to sit down as we approach the beginning of the 2022 season, there might be some real concern that the 25-year-old will be able to do what he needs to do with a clear mind.

What is Jackson demanding?

There is no doubt that the contract situation that currently presents itself in Maryland needs to sort itself out as quickly as possible. As mentioned, there is plenty of noise and it would surely be impossible for Jackson not to get distracted given that he is representing himself in the negotiations regarding his future at the M&T Bank Stadium.

Unsurprisingly, there has been a lot of talk about what No. 8 is looking to get, with some having compared his potential new deal being around the figures that Deshaun Watson managed to acquire when joining the Cleveland Browns in the offseason.

The former Houston Texans QB managed to net himself a five-year contract worth $230 million fully guaranteed; a contract that is the richest deal in NFL history for any player and would have created some buzz around the league. Some have speculated that Jackson believes he should also be up there in regard to the guarantees that are being offered while feeling this deal could be a blueprint that he could use and follow.


However, the Ravens are yet to budge and whether they do before Week 1’s meeting with the New York Jets remains to be seen.


Does Jackson deserve a top contract?

Lamar Jackson sets deadline for his contract

Lamar Jackson sets deadline for his contract

It is virtually impossible to deny the fact that Jackson is deserving of a top deal that puts him into the upper echelons of what some of the best players are currently earning in his position.

The 25-year-old has managed to get his team to the NFL playoffs in three of his four seasons – last year being the only time he did not and that could be down to the injury he suffered. In that time, he has managed to throw for 84 touchdowns in the regular season, as well as adding a further 21 rushing TDs.

He did have a troubling year last year, scoring just 20 TDs combined, but he also threw a career-high 13 interceptions. Additionally, it was the most he had ever been sacked (38), thus highlighting the trouble he had because of the lack of players the Ravens had throughout the year.

There is no denying that Jackson deserves top dollar, but whether he will get that and by the Week 1 deadline that has been set remains very questionable at this moment in time.

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