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LARA Foundation set to launch in memory of Laila Abubakar Ali



LARA Foundation, a non-profit organisation founded in loving memory of businesswoman and philanthropist Laila Abubakar Ali is set to launch.

Hajia Laila Abubakar, who was born on February 22, 1962, and died on March 25, this year aged 58.

The mission of the Foundation is to spread love and philanthropy towards particularly, underprivileged. It seeks to aid street children, orphans, the poor, and the needy.

The Foundation is seeking to use the human face values of its patriot, Laila Abubakar Ali to dedicate itself to the social cause of touching and empowering lives.

It will also be providing food, clothing and shelter, to the needy which was what Laila Abubakar Ali enjoyed and loved doing most when she was alive.

According to the founders, the Foundation has been established on the principles and values of what the deceased stood for.

Hajia Laila Abubakar was an assertive, selfless and a very generous person who spreads love wherever she finds herself.

She extended empathy and sympathy to all those who needed help and also disliked to see people sad and suffering.

The founders of LARA Foundation include the brother and niece of the deceased, Habib Abubakar Ali, CEO of TwistKlodin and Laila Mijimmah Mohammed respectively.

Touching on how the Foundation will be funded, Mr Abubakar Ali, said revealed that he is setting aside a percentage of sales from collections sold from his fashion design.

“LARA Foundation has come to stay and all helping hands are welcomed to push Hajia Laila Abubakar Ali’s vision of helping people in need,” he added.

LARA Foundation can be reached via

On Facebook, they use the handle: Laila Abubakar Ali Relief Agency-LARA