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Let your suits speak for you, meet Enkasa Apparel – a new chapter in suit making



A man’s suit speaks volumes about who he is, and that is the principle that drives “Enkasa Apparel”. Derived from the Akan expression meaning “don’t speak”, Enkasa Apparel is a brand that believes in the impact of quality. The brand believes that image is everything and by that every man should stand out from the lot, and not fit in. Its well-tailored suits are typical of affordable luxury and quality; changing the Ghanaian mentality about suits being a preserve of the rich. Enkasa Apparel therefore strives to get Ghanaians to accept the trend of modernity in relation to investing in and wearing suits. CEO of Enkasa Apparel, Myles Awuku believes that a man in suit exudes class, confidence and eloquence.

“Enkasa Apparel designs SUITS to fit the trendy Ghanaian man, regardless of his individual style. In consultation with our clients, we put style, creativity and uniqueness in every tailored suit of ours.”
Enkasa Apparel is a brand, which was birth a couple of years back by Mr. Awuku, a graduate of Achimota School and University Of Ghana, where he read Psychology.   Following his childhood fashion crave and the inner passion to change the face of suit making in Ghana, he made it a reality. He has a passion to impact society positively, especially orphans through his craft. He draws his inspiration from the late Dr Kwame Nkrumah’s ideology that if a Ghanaian is capable of managing his own affairs, the Ghanaian is also capable of making his own suits. Myles has a penchant to make Ghanaians fall in love with locally tailored-suits and gradually do away with foreign ones. He, however, follows his intuition; instinct and the edge to make a difference in society and always walk with the mindset “go for gold so far as it hurts nobody but never forget the God factor”.  ]]>

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