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Leveraging trends as a brand: The case of Oswald’s “Our Day” letter



Francis Yaw Gidiga Digital Account Manager at Whoopro

Being smart enough to analyze social marketing statistics and facts to better position your brand either as a market leader or a pacesetter in your industry is always a good thing but do these stats always get you the right results? Or you believe that should be a question for the gods? That’s just by the way though.


Over the past years, many brands have been able to position themselves as market leaders and seen their market shares skyrocket by monitoring, listening and tapping into online conversations or what some experts will term as social media trends. Someone may ask if these trends were industry focused? It will amaze you to know that, majority of these social media trends are not even in any way focused on any particular industry but are highly result oriented.


While this strategy is gradually becoming a global thing, some brands still find it difficult to leverage on these trends fearing backlash from community members should it backfire, but truth be told, this strategy is not always 100% guaranteed, as it is a risk that only the bold are able to take.  Just like Helen Keller stated in The Open Door, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”



In the past week, there came a daring opportunity for brands in Ghana to have leveraged on a notable trend I will be shedding light on pretty soon to create brand awareness, and position their brands as a people centered brand, but guess what? Only a handful were bold enough to make the move.


Oswald happens to be a primary four (4) pupil who wrote a detailed letter to her mother listing all the various stuff he will be needing for his “Our Day”, oh, and by the way he requested a cake for his favorite teacher. Mrs. Appiah 😊. The mum, finding the details of the letter interesting and compelling but funny at the same time, decided to share this letter with her co-worker, (@SmylyThe3rd).




NB: In Ghana, the final day of an academic term for pupils is usually referred to as “Our Day”. On this day, parents and guardians usually give the best treat to their wards to mark the end of the academic term.


The co-worker, also finding the letter interesting and funny, decided to share it on their Twitter handle. Within a matter of minutes, the letter had gone viral across various social media platforms in the country, and then, there came the bold brands that were ready and willing to take a risk that could either draw backlash or affinity.



To be sincere, I felt the gamble did pay off for these brands, as many Twitter users also decided to make a Thread and mention brands that were ready and committed to supporting Oswald to celebrate a memorable “Our Day”. It will amaze you to know that, the Former Minister for Education and Running Mate of John Dramani Mahama in the 2020 General Election, Prof. Jane Naana Opoku Agyemang also came to the party in style, by donating the latest iPad to Oswald and promised to visit him and his classmates soon.


Even when some musicians like KiDi, Mr. Drew, and Dope Nation saw the letter, and mentioned they were going to show up to perform for the pupils on the day, some social media users thought it was a joke, but guess what? They did. And as the brand ambassador of a Bank, KiDi just didn’t go there to perform, but to also announce that, the bank he’s working with has decided to open an investment account worth Ghc1,000.00 for Oswald. Don’t get carried away yet, this is only one of the many banks that opened an investment account for Oswald on the day. KiDi also leveraged on his brand ambassadorial role with Samsung to provide Oswald a Samsung Galaxy Tablet.



At the end of the day, a tall list of brands and individuals were recorded, even some of these brands and individuals ended up trending on Twitter on the day. This kind of publicity is one of the many ways brands spend millions to achieve, yet some bold brands have been able to achieve the same just by tapping into a trend and not spending a penny.


Like American rapper and entrepreneur 50 Cent reiterated in his book “Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter” it’s either you evolve or die. The truth is, trends have come to stay and to influence consumer behavior. So as a brand manager, are you willing to step up for your brand by leveraging these trends or are you going to sit on the fence and watch these opportunities slide?


Writer: Francis Yaw Gidiga


The writer is a Digital Account Manager at Whoopro, Ghana’s premier influencer marketing platform which connects brands with influencers, and provides real-time analytics for brands while helping influencers earn.


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Mastering the Abyss: Essential Tips for Conquering Diablo 4



Screenshot 2023 06 09 at 17.06.33

Diablo 4, the highly anticipated installment in the legendary franchise, promises to transport players into an ominous and darkened realm filled with demonic creatures and epic battles. Mastering its mechanics and honing your skills are paramount as you embark on your journey through this hellish landscape we provide essential tips and strategies here to help you rise above its darkness and emerge victorious.

Redefining Cooperative Game play With Friends:

Watching out for each other to conquer Diablo’s dark corners together. Diablo 4 offers a captivating cooperative multiplayer experience, inviting you to team up with friends to face off against its challenges together. For best professional gaming services related Diablo game mmoexp is here. Communication and coordination are crucial in cooperative play you should coordinate abilities and strategies to form synergistic combinations that decimate enemy hordes while sharing loot and resources during combat.

Haunting Soundtrack A Symphony of Evil:

It is known for its captivating soundtrack, which adds depth and immersion to its game play experience. The music heightens tension during battles while further deepening your immersion. Tune into its melodies and sounds for an immersive journey into darkness; let it transport you there. Listen carefully for when danger lurks around every corner and stay prepared by paying attention to its melodies and sounds as melodies will serve as indicators that something bad might happen next.


Discovering Hidden Secrets and Uncovered Discoveries:

An immersive open world that’s packed with secrets, dungeons and hidden treasures. Take your time exploring every crevice of its game world; who knows what valuable loot or artifacts may await your discovery! Investigate hidden passages, complete side quests and interact with non-playable characters for clues to reveal Diablo’s rich lore – exploring may bring rare items and uncover its mysteries! The more you explore, the greater your chances are of discovering rare items and unearthing hidden mysteries from Diablo 4 Gold.

Conquering Evil Forces with Sanctuary:

Core game play revolves around its battles against forces of evil that threaten Sanctuary. To prevail and emerge victorious, you must develop your combat skills and devise effective strategies here are some essential tips that may help you win in battle.

Excelling in Your Class:


Numerous character classes, each offering its own distinct play style and abilities. Find one that best matches your combat style, then dedicate some time and energy to mastering its intricacies – you may just unleash devastating attacks against even your toughest foes.

Implement Crowd Control Solutions:

Crowd control skills can make all the difference in battle. Stun, freeze or immobilize groups of enemies to gain an edge against them and control the battlefield for yourself and allies alike. Experiment with different crowd control abilities and utilize them strategically for maximum benefit on battlefront.

Use Resources Wisely:

Resource management is key in Diablo 4. Pay close attention to how much mana, energy or any other resource you have left and make the most out of any powerful attacks that come your way – unleashing them at just the right moment can make all the difference between victory and defeat!.


As you delve deeper, keep these essential tips in mind to overcome its many challenges. Crafting powerful gear, engaging with cooperative game play, taking in its haunting soundtrack and exploring open world, as well as mastering battle art will pave your path to victory – remember that the abyss can be harsh but with dedication, skill and strategy you can become the savior of Sanctuary! Good luck on your adventure – may the abyss be kind.

Exploit Devastating Skills and Combos:

Requires mastery of your character’s skills and their combination into powerful combos to ensure success. Experiment with different skill combinations until you find ones that maximize your damage output; some skills may complement each other, increasing their effectiveness when used successively; also consider elemental affinity of skills as well as enemy weaknesses to increase impact; by honing these techniques and creating deadly combos, you’ll become unstoppable against forces of evil!

Engaging PvP and Competitive Game play:

Opportunities for PvP (Player versus Player) encounters and competitive game play that will test your skills against other players, providing a different challenge than cooperative experience. Engaging in PvP battles can be exhilarating; pitting your skills against others provides an exciting and unique challenge! To excel in PvP combat, focus on optimizing character builds for player encounters, mastering skills, and understanding intricacies of PvP combat; competitive events or tournaments will push those skills even further; offering thrilling experience and showcase your mastery.


Developing Build and Adaptability Solutions:

As you advance, you’ll gain new gear, skills, and abilities that allow you to further refine your character build. Take note of how your character develops over time as you experiment with various equipment sets, skill combinations, attribute allocations and allocation methods to find powerful synergies that best meet your preferences; adapt to overcome different challenges or enemy encounters by constantly evolving your build doing so will remain an effective force against adversary forces.

Expanding Your Knowledge Lore and Storyline:

Players an engaging storyline that draws them deeper into its world. Take your time exploring Sanctuary’s rich past while uncovering hidden narratives to add greater meaning to each location, character and enemy you meet during your journey. By understanding its lore you’ll gain greater appreciation of its setting and motivations while broadening your overall experience of playing.

Mastering requires a blend of skill, strategy, adaptability, and knowledge. By crafting powerful gear, engaging in cooperative game play, unleashing devastating skills, exploring its open world environment, and delving deeper into its lore – you will equip yourself with everything needed to defeat evil forces in Sanctuary. For playing best on peek buy Diablo IV Boosting. Take up challenges that await, gather allies as allies before facing dark depths with determination & help from this guide may your journey bring epic battles and legendary victories.


Endgame Challenges and Rewards:

Once you’ve conquered the main campaign, a whole world of endgame challenges and rewards awaits. Explore high-level dungeons, defeat powerful bosses, and tackle challenging quests designed specifically for experienced players – these endgame activities allow you to test your skills while earning exclusive loot that will enhance your character. Push yourself past previous levels of power and take on Diablo’s most difficult encounters.

Join a Thriving Community:

One of the greatest joys of playing is being part of its vibrant and enthusiastic community of players. Join online forums, social media groups, or gaming communities dedicated to connect with fellow adventurers. Engage in discussions, share experiences and learn from others immerse yourself in these communities to make new friends, form alliances and enhance your overall experience.

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The Good, the Bad, the WordPress: The Advantages of WordPress Website for Your Business to Consider



WordPress logotype alternative

Debuted over twenty years ago, this run-of-the-mill blogging tool has soon matured into an all-around content management suite that backs an extensive array of sites. The stunning figures confirm that just as of last year, nearly half of the sites globally availed themselves of the advantages of WordPress. What makes this instrument universal and still able to envision a tailored-fit website for your ambitious business needs? Read on to garner a comprehensive overview of the subject.


The growing significance of websites for businesses

In lay terms, a website operates as a web-based space for presenting goods and expressing brand essence by means of graphics, animation, and texts. A meticulously crafted online presence ensures hassle-free reach to your offerings, brand narrative, and contact particulars.


A business has good chances to forge a cohesive brand presence and articulate its vision and standout marketing points via an aesthetically compelling structure, fascinating content, and interactive modules. In this fashion, one wins the trust of page viewers, stands out from challengers, and cultivates durable relationships with clients.

Lead acquisition is one of the noteworthy advantages of a web presence. By blending miscellaneous user-interactive components, e.g. message and opt-in forms and automated chat agents, a business procures strategic consumer insights and sparks substantive dialogues.


By bringing to fruition robust analytics instruments, one can gauge site visitation, conversion benchmarks, and audience responsiveness to gain clarity on their propensities and revamp promotional campaigns.

Read on to explore impressive WordPress advantages for business in envisioning outstanding web solutions.

Introducing WordPress as a popular website platform choice

This celebrated system is, in fact, multipurpose. It’s meant for crafting multifarious digital presences, e.g. online publications, corporate-grade systems, marketplace networks, etc. On top of that, it serves for orchestrating content, more specifically, for producing, arranging, and  revising blog entries, Informational pages, and visual files via clear-cut dashboards. A robust WordPress business website also boasts a collection of blogging-specific means such as feedback mechanisms, news feeds, and content groupings.    

Let’s now run down the pivotal advantages of this CMS that built it a solid reputation.