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Liberian Songstress, Brownskin out with new music – Merry Go Round featuring Teni – Listen Now



The dilemma associated with owning up to love especially if you are not sure you are equally wanted is one that deters a lot of young ladies from falling in love in this generation and therefore it is not surprising that young female musician Brownskin uses that as a case study in her latest single Merry go round.


Young Female Liberian musician, Brown Skin, addresses these complications in relationship better in her new masterpiece, Merry Go Round, featuring renowned Nigerian Afrobeats artist, Teni.


Though new to the Ghanaian market, BrownSkin, born Kendoelen Kebbeh Kennedy is a Liberian Afrobeat and R&B singer-songwriter who has led the revolution and evolution of music in Liberia.


Coming from a broken home, the young musician channeled her emotions into songwriting with a particular fondness to the R&B genre as well as Afrobeats. The songstress, Brown Skin has created her signature sound that has seamlessly been nurtured over the last 12 years.


Talking about the song, BrownSkin mentioned that the song speaks on all types of relationship not just the ones that feels like you not really wanted.


“Merry Go Round” tackles every part of love, from those who are not sure where their relationship is headed to those who can’t feel the same energy as their partners in a relationship” – BrownSkin explained the song.


She narrated that, been influenced by Afrobeats artists like Davido and Teni, this collaboration with Teni who doubles as her idol is a big deal and it is one that she is excited about.


Merry Go Round song features one of my idols, Teni and I really appreciate her coming out to support me on this track – Brownskin added.

The song is beautiful, I am not saying it because it is my song but truly it is beautiful and I know it will be received well by good music lovers across the globe, Brownskin contended.


Hopefully, fans will enjoy the song same way Brownskin did in creating this masterpiece. The wide acceptance of Merry Go Round in west Africa will help Brownskin’s dreams of inspiring other African youths through her music, that they too can work hard and achieve their goals will be realized.


Watch Brownskin Girl’s Merry Go Round Ft Teni here:

listen to the song below:


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