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Life in a boarding school



There are times in our lives when we crave independence, perhaps not totally but just to be able to feel a bit responsible for ourselves or maybe our parents want us to be responsible. For some adolescents and adults, it takes being quite rebellious and leaving their homes to gain this freedom that they so strongly desire but for others it is the wish that they would after a long period of time commuting from home to school every day for years, have the chance to be in the boarding house. It doesn’t matter even if the school is built with the best of Brock White materials, living in a boarding school can be a little stressful and it is not quite like home.

The boarding house, in the minds of students living outside of it may be a place of total freedom where one gets to take absolute control over their lives with the periodic guidance of teachers. The irony is that those living within the walls wished they had the freedom those living outside of the walls had. Nevertheless, living in the boarding house could be the definitive stage in the life of adolescents and sometimes adults. It could become a life shaping, self-discovering, and highly possible, a stage where one could develop bad habits.

Living in the boarding house can be overwhelming given the fact that students come from different backgrounds, but it could be less of a problem because one cannot live a life, they find congenial to their believes as there are codes of conducts making sure no one steps on the other’s toes. Life in the boarding house is almost the same as living in our own homes, just that in the former, we may be living with a huge number of people and one needs self- monitoring and managerial skills in carrying out daily activities. Though it is a place where students lose themselves to various bad habits, it comes with a lot of benefits. This article seeks to talk about two of them in the next paragraphs.


Life in a boarding house provides students with the opportunity to develop their character usually according to the values emphasized by the school community within which they live. Traits such as honesty, respect, hardworking, and integrity usually are the most emphasized. Subsequently, this provides students with the requisite skills in interacting with their colleagues both in classrooms and in the dormitories. Unlike in the homes, life in the boarding house latently shapes you to even ask your colleague in the dormitory to pick up his or her dirty socks from the floor without one sounding rude or impolite. Grooming is high amongst students, and in some boarding facilities you are required to carry along a professional stainless steel nail file for use in keeping fingernails clean at all times.


Routines such as making sure academic assignments are done, waking up every day early in the morning to perform assigned duties within the premises of the various halls and getting oneself prepared for the day are a way of becoming responsible individuals in life. The fact that there are no distractors such as TV, radio and phones makes it easy for students in the boarding house to concentrate on their development though the schools have ICT laboratories where students may have the chance to do some research.

Moreover, taking up leadership positions in school is one sure way students turn to shape their lives for the future. It is noted that the day students hardly take up positions because they may be living far from the school premises, hence preventing their effectiveness. Many leadership roles in boarding schools are taken up by boarders because at least they are spared the hardship of having to commute from home to school every day, sometimes at the mercy of huge traffics. In this space provided, students have much time to work on their communication skills, temperament, and critical thinking skills.


The boarding house is a space of multicultural living. Boarders live and attend classes with colleagues with different cultural background and with the space provided within a span of usually six or three years according to the kind of boarding school, students get to appreciate and respect the differences in one another. This is where some learn the basics of another language due to the friendships they may form. Typically, in the Ghanaian setting of boarding house where there are many different ethnic groups hence many different languages, there is only a lot the students in the boarding house can learn from one another, not to mention the availability of international students who as well come with different cultural backgrounds. You can click here to find out how to learn other languages in under a month.

Furthermore, the boarding house provides students with the chance of becoming bilinguals with a fusion of international languages such as French, English, Spanish and others which could become the second language of some boarders. In the space of a multicultural living, boarding house offer the boarders the opportunity to form long lasting friendships regardless of color or ethnic groups.


Generally, life in the boarding house is a life changing stage. Many parents have spoken well of it in terms of how their children return home during vacations and display responsible attitudes. It can be argued that, for one’s children to develop a sense of responsibility and to be prepared for the future, life in the boarding house would be one of the fastest ways in achieving such aim.

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