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Lifestyle: 10 reasons to fly to NYC through London VIA Virgin Atlantic



New York is a city of superlatives: America’s biggest; its most exciting; its business and cultural capital; the nation’s trendsetter. The city seems to pull in the biggest the best and the brightest from every corner of the country.  New York is known as one of the most enticing cities in the world. For many people New York City is about towering buildings and crowds. However, there is much more to this historic and scenically diverse state than skyscrapers and people. Whether you are a historian interested in the history and architecture, or a romantic traveller planning to pop the question to your beloved, New York City has lots to offer its visitors and Virgin Atlantic is your award winning airline that will connect you seamlessly from Accra through London to the BIG APPLE! From the Brooklyn bridge, the Empire State building and the Rockefeller centre through Times Square, Central Park and Grand Central Station you can visit Broadway, Lincoln theatre for the performing arts and end up at the world famous heritage sight of the Statue of Liberty – all for a single ticket on Virgin Atlantic via London to either the John F. Kennedy Airport or just across the Hudson River to the Newark Airport in New Jersey. Now, just before we offer you numerous mouth-watering, eye catching and pocket gripping reasons why you have to fly from Accra to New York on Virgin Atlantic, let us tell you a bit about your two-in-one bargain stopover city called London. London, the capital of Great Britain, is also one of the world’s capitals of finance, fashion, arts and entertainment.  Now who doesn’t know that?  However, just before you tell us all about the London you are well acquainted with let us show you a bit about our London by Virgin version of London! You see at Virgin we see things a bit differently in London…. The Gherkin’s great for views (and innovative, iconic style in London). No first-timer’s trip to London is complete without seeing the Changing of the Guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace… and its actually quite fun even for the ‘old timers!’ London looks lovely from the staircase inside City Hall on the south bank of the River Thames. Visiting London during Mother’s Day? Then, be sure to treat your mum to a cruise on the River Thames! The Fish Club boasts some of the freshest, old fashioned fish and chips in Clapham and was also voted one of London’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2011 by Time Out London mmmm… the West End, now that’s a shoppers lover’s dream in London! So much to see but if you are visiting the BIG APPLE then you can’t simply go without visiting the BIG BEN! Finally, please just listen to our biggest plea from all of us at the Virgin Atlantic team…. We hope to see you in BIG BEN London town soon and on your way to the BIG APPLE! Now here are 10 reasons why you have to do this on VIRGIN ATLANTIC….

  1. You have to fly to New York via London on Virgin Atlantic so that you can compare the prices of all the designer shoes, bags, watches and price tags in the UK before you get to USA!
  2. You have to fly to New York via London on VAA so that you can get in to London and take a break at our fantastic Clubhouse before you continue on our amazing Swarovski clad award winning upper class newly re-fitted cabin. The cabin also has a fabulous new look, including a futuristic new on-board bar with great new spaces to sit and network with fellow passengers.
  3. You have to fly to New York via London so you can tell the time at the Big Ben BEFORE you have a bite of the Big Apple.
  4. You have to fly to New York via London so you can kill two Big things with one VAA ticket!
  5. Virgin Atlantic Economy is an easy journey from start to finish; there are times and seasons, when we can get you there and back including a holiday in London for less than the price of a DIRECT flight to New York!
  6. You have to fly from Accra to New York via London because it’s the only airline that can allow you be in three cities on the SAME DAY!!   Accra 1010hrs, London 1800hrs and New York 2320hrs!
  7. And on our fantastic Premium Economy seats, When it’s time to eat, your menu offers a choice of three delicious main meals, including a vegetarian option, all served on china with stainless steel cutlery. Oh, and did we mention a whopping 3 bags all the way from New York back to Accra?
  8. You have to fly BACK from New York via London so you can check in three bags from USA get to London leave your bags on the aeroplane and add one more for ONLY £40.00!
  9. What about our brand new Clubhouse at New York JFK International Airport? This is now open and it’s more than double the space of the previous Clubhouse. If you need to work, there’s our internet bar, and some great spaces for meetings, furnished with some uniquely comfortable high backed sofas.
  10. If you’ve had enough of work, at the heart of our new lounge is a sultry, Uptown cocktail bar, where our resident mixologists conjure up drinks that are refreshing and delicious.  And just like in our London Clubhouses, JFK has its very own Clubhouse Spa, with private treatment rooms, and a Bumble and bumble salon.  So here you have a delicious fusion of private members club, boutique hotel lobby and chic bar, our new JFK Clubhouse is set to become another reason why people love to fly with Virgin Atlantic.
There you are!  We hope we have tried our best to convince you about a whole new exciting world of three amazing cities on one amazing airline?  Well if you would like us to tell you all about the best kept secret called Accra then lets begin on a new page…! Dial Accra on +233 302 215 200 or call your accredited travel agent.  We’ll tell you why you need to fly Virgin Atlantic from the Black star via the Big Ben to the Big Apple!]]>

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