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Lifestyle: ‘Party man’ Maurice Aouad to launch online payment system, ‘Drumma Box’ in Ghana



Many Ghanaians home and abroad may know the jolly Maurice Aouad for setting the party off in various ways, from event organizing to Disk Jockeying to master of ceremonies and promotions. However, he is about to launch a new online payment system that promises to provide the needed solutions to the lifestyle of many contemporary Ghanaians who have businesses to do online. Maurice, who described his payment solution platform, ‘Drumma Box’ as possibly his biggest venture yet explained: “Drumma Box is set to be another game changer. We are working in partnership with the Central Bank of Ghana to make online payments much easier, simple and straight forward with this platform.” Maurice has always been an entrepreneur, at age 15 he started a successful clothing line called “i-69pm” which was huge amongst students in the secondary schools.  Then he discovered his love for music making and he set up Runway Studios, which created massive tunes for VIP, Kweku T, Manifest, Dj Black, D Black and many other international artists, still only at 18. He went overseas to sharpen his skills and he came back as one of the most influential DJs in Ghana. He got into radio on X-fm under the moniker, ‘Lickshot’ due to his quick dropping style of play. He started The Runway Group, an event company, which came and added to the revolution in how Ghanaian events were promoted, he opted out of radio promos and focused on the power of social networking to get his message across.  Some of the companies hit events is its signature “Kiss-n-Tell” series. In 2010, he turned off the music and picked up the pen, when he went back to school to get his degree, in Entrepreneurship and Finance at GIMPA.  He diversified his portfolio by investing in his first love, the visual arts. The Runway Group (TRG) went into design and print and so far is doing very well with clients ranging from Uniliver, MTN, Ecobank, Jaguar, SilverStar etc Maurice is getting back on radio but not to play music but to teach young men and women, how to think outside of the box and create wealth for themselves and their families, by identifying opportunities and knowing how to harness them. He started another company called “Aouad Capital Group” in early 2012, which deals in financial products, raising financing for businesses and industry. Drumma Box is expected to launch soon and more information will be available on how to access it and how it works.  Stay tuned!]]>


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