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Lifestyle: Samsung – Redefining the B2B reseller market



th1The traditional role of some resellers has been rather limited in terms of interactivity with the customer on value added integration. While some resellers have successfully moved away from simply being pushers of boxes or devices, towards a more solutions-based approach, there is still incredible scope and room for change says Samsung Electronics.

“The ability to synchronise and integrate multi-model technologies is becoming a major differentiator for resellers,” says Thierry Boulanger, Director of IT and B2B Solutions at Samsung Electronics. “In fact, today one of the defining characteristics of an opportunistic reseller is the ability to dispense with tunnel vision and start devising value added services that will move their efforts to the next level.”

While B2B sales cannot be compared with B2C sales, there is huge potential for growth and adoption of this broader thinking as resellers have the opportunity to educate the market and sell solutions as a holistic whole, rather than merely moving products.

As consumers continue to grow their knowledge and understanding of electronics technology and mobile communications, the choices they make in the business arena are geared around performance and interconnectivity, rather than merely around price.

“In the race to meet demand and to provide a more holistic market offering, Samsung Electronics Africa believes the goal posts have changed. No longer are we merely selling devices, but rather an emphasis on providing complete business solutions, customised for specific needs, has come to the fore,” adds Boulanger.

“While some may see this distinct shift as threatening to the status quo, we perceive it as an opportunity to not only showcase our multitude of technology offerings, but drive unique models and opportunities for the reseller market to leverage – and the examples are endless.”

Just look at hospitality TV. Samsung TVs are perfectly tailored for this market, couple this with the inclusion of a full backend infrastructure and content management element – the perfect packaged solution has been created for this growing market.

The same can be said for the medical sector. Samsung products and solutions for the medical sector have been developed and marketed with a full understanding of the very niche requirements of the operators. Input from reseller specialists in the medical field assists not only in the servicing and maintenance but in the development of a comprehensive medical portfolio.

Furthermore, as the demand for improved and more widespread education accelerates, Samsung have incorporated smart education solutions that are able to penetrate even the most remote locations in Africa.

A range of mobile communication devices needs to be supported and enhanced by the supply of educational content and digitisation of materials by third party resellers who are already entrenched in the educational sector.

If we look at the security side, a high-end range of Samsung surveillance equipment, CCTV cameras and other security equipment is producing favourable results for clients.

Thierry Boulanger (Director of IT and B2B Solutions at Samsung Electronics

The incorporation of a specialised backend infrastructure from a reseller, which includes a reliable network, a monitoring hub (control room) and remote offsite monitoring, provides an end to end security solution for businesses.

Additionally, as businesses become more ecologically conscientious, they continue to seek ways of reducing their carbon footprint.

At the same time, the move towards installing LED lighting in the business environment has positive financial implications. Similarly, intelligent climate control has come to the forefront as an energy-efficient alternative to simple HVAC systems.

Specialised applications in data centres, where precise environmental temperature and humidity is critical, forms another avenue for the channel to explore along with comprehensive energy assessments to provide optimum lighting and environmental control solutions to businesses.

By aligning with synergistic business partners and resellers, Samsung are able to capitalise on the intellectual property, capabilities, capacities and resources of each individual contributor. Backend support and a wealth of application knowledge and experience embellish the holistic market offerings available.

“The bottom line is that businesses need to function with a sense of immediacy as competition accelerates in a demanding economic climate. By carefully considering the value proposition around a number of business sectors, we are redefining the traditional channel model and opening up new avenues to not only increase productivity, enhance service quality and delivery but improve market penetration and share.

We will continue to seek out and identify business partners who are able to complement our technology offering for a more customer-centric experience and welcome partners to join us in redefining the B2B channel,” concludes Boulanger.



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The call that changed two Bolt drivers’ lives: Hard work does indeed pay!



IMG 20221208 WA0034

“One of these brand-new cars will be mine,” Vincent Amoah said out loud to himself.

He was on a routine drive passing through Abelemkpe in Accra. In fact, he had driven dozens of Bolt riders through that route in the last month. But when Vincent Amoah saw the brand-new Suzuki Swift and Suzuki Alto parked across the street at the Bolt head office in Ghana, something inside him snapped.

The first thing you would notice about Vincent is his smile. He laughed readily and even looked shy sometimes. Anyone who knew him, however, knew that he was passionate about the things he loved and had a larger-than-life personality.

A few days earlier, Vincent – formerly a driver for one of the companies at the Kotoka International Airport before switching to Bolt full-time – had received the same notice the thousands of Bolt drivers had received. It said that the company would be rewarding two of its most hardworking drivers in Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi, with new Suzuki vehicles. As he waited at the red light, dreaming of owning one of them, he realised that seeing the car for the first time made it more real for him.

Each time a trip took him past the Bolt office, he confidently repeated the thought to himself, “One of these cars will be mine.”

Driving with Bolt has been rewarding for Vincent. In 2019, in a bid to maximise his earnings, he quit his job and moved to Bolt. “I used to earn about GHS 700 a month,” Vincent remarked. Though in his 20s and without a wife or children of his own, Vincent still had family responsibilities. His salary just was not enough.

The first week he drove a Bolt, he earned about GHS 300. He laughed as he said, “You mean, after only one week, I’ve earned almost half my salary?” If there was any doubt in his mind, his mind was made up. “Imagine how much I can make if I work even harder,” he noted.

And work hard he did. But, of course, Vincent’s life would never be the same again.

Not even the car problems he experienced a year into his Bolt career could derail him. Getting a new vehicle on a work-and-pay basis put him back in business. Today, Vincent earns about GHS 2,400 every week. He said with a mischievous wink, “Can you believe I sleep on a king-sized bed? From just a mattress. Levels are changing.”

As he received the keys to his fresh Suzuki Swift with the cameras flashing, he was smiling but deep inside, the former company driver was thinking about what it took to get there. It was normal to start work at 6am. He would leave his home at Westlands and retire to bed at 11:00pm. If it was to be his full-time job, he would do everything he could to be as successful as he could be.

Across from him receiving the keys to the second car was Ebenezer Adu of Sokoban Wood Village in Kumasi, dressed in a green Kaftan reserved for special occasions like this. He had come with his wife and three-year-old son to pick up his prize of a Suzuki Alto. “My wife is my best friend. I couldn’t come and take this prize without her.” Indeed, the chemistry between husband and wife was evident. They kept no secrets, not even the fact that he had once earned GHS 13,000 in a month driving for Bolt.

For Ebenezer, his family is everything. That, however, does not mean he spent all his time with his family. In fact, when Bolt announced that they would be rewarding top drivers, it became a weekend ritual for Ebenezer to work almost nonstop from Friday to Sunday without coming home. Not that his wife minded. She knows how hard he works for the family and supports him fully. And now, he owns a new car as payback for stretching himself to new limits.

A former taxi driver, Ebenezer counts the 21st of December 2020 as the day a new life opened to him. After a few years of watching other taxi drivers at his station ditch their taxis for Bolt, he also decided to take his destiny in his hands with Bolt.

Exactly one week after starting on Bolt, Ebenezer was staring at the figure in the driver app: over GHS 1,500. “That was what I earned in only one week?” he asked his wife. He could not believe his eyes. They were thinking the same thing. That was the last time he drove a taxi. So he said to her, “If it means I’ll even work all day, I’ll do it.”

That pledge to his dear wife has brought his average earnings to about GHS 2,000 each week after buying fuel, making it all worth it.


A job like any other

To the two drivers, they realised that the key to their success would be sheer hard work and maintaining a positive work ethic. Ebenezer said, “I don’t take trips offline, tell riders to pay higher prices, nor cancel rides. All these things affect my Bolt driver scores.” No wonder his ratings are constantly between 85 and 95.

“Sometimes, a few riders can be rude, but I’m not rude back to them,” Vincent said. “I know why I’m doing this job.”

As Bolt continues to unroll new features, top drivers like Vincent and Ebenezer are adapting their work to take advantage of the opportunities they present. From safety features that keep drivers safe to Call-A-Bolt – where customers without internet access can call a toll-free number and still get a ride to their destination – Bolt is making it easier for drivers to concentrate on their core function of carrying riders across their cities.

What lies ahead?

Looking back at the day his wish came true, Vincent could not believe it. Since he had worked hard for the reward, the life-changing phone call seemed almost surreal to him. He needed a guarantee. But now, that white Suzuki Swift is his.

With a smile, he said, “You know how Accra is. 99% of my problems have been solved by Bolt. You can start small if you have a driver’s license, but you’ll have to work hard to beat me.”

Both drivers exerted themselves, and their efforts are paying off. Ebenezer said, “The most I have received in a day has been almost GHS 1,000. The money is my encouragement. I will give out my first car to another driver to begin his Bolt journey.”

And that is what Bolt is doing, changing lives from just an app. Bolt continues to reward hardworking drivers and roll out new features and partnerships to make the Bolt experience rewarding for drivers and riders alike.

To start your way to winning rewards as a driver with Bolt, visit to sign up.

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The new FieldSense technology in Madden 23



Picture 1 5

The annual Madden franchise is currently in uncharted territory with its latest installment, Madden NFL 23. A legend of American football both on and off the field, the man whose name was synonymous with the franchise, John Madden, passed away just before the year 2022 began. As a result, the game that was released this year is the first Madden game since he passed away. It is obvious that EA Sports wanted to pay tribute to the individual, and the company has done an outstanding job of doing so. The remaining portions of the game, on the other hand, have more of an impression of aimlessly going through the motions.

The presentation of Madden NFL 23 and the commentary that plays during each game contribute significantly to the overall impression that players get of participating in a genuine madden 23 blitz promo. The process of controlling players, on the other hand, is unremarkable and conforms to the tired old Madden stereotype that bedevils the franchise each and every year. When it functions properly, the new FieldSense technology in Madden 23, which represents the game’s most significant gameplay advancement, is fantastic; however, when it does not, it can be extremely frustrating. Sadly, the second possibility is much more likely to materialize than the first.

Completing challenges in Ultimate Team or guiding custom characters to victory in Face of the Franchise are both fun things to do in the Madden game that was released this year, so the game wasn’t a complete failure. The problem is that Madden 23 does not have anything that distinguishes it from its previous iterations, which means that the fun will only last for a finite amount of time. Continue reading for our comprehensive analysis of Madden NFL 23.

Experienced Madden players will feel as though they are starting over on a bicycle after being away for a year when they turn on Madden NFL 23 for the first time. This feeling of being at home is ultimately beneficial, as it enables players to get started with relatively little effort on their part. Fans who are not familiar with Madden will have a steeper learning curve, particularly due to the new artificial intelligence (AI) and animation systems, but the game’s fundamental controls are not difficult to master. When playing against the computer, it won’t be too difficult to string together a scoring drive after some time has passed.

The aforementioned FieldSense, which is an overhaul of the fundamental gameplay technology under the hood, is the most significant new feature included in Madden NFL 23. From the manner in which running backs carry the ball to the exchanges that take place between offensive and defensive players, FieldSense is designed to lend an additional dimension of realism to the overall experience. There are fleeting instances in which those goals are realized, but the overall system is plagued by a lack of consistency that makes it difficult to make Madden 23 coins.

Gang tackles serve as an excellent metaphor for FieldSense’s many shortcomings. Occasionally, the animations have a fluid quality, such as when multiple defenders tackle a running back at the line of scrimmage. At other times, the person carrying the ball seems to ping-pong off of multiple people before eventually falling down on his own. When it is functioning properly, the FieldSense system gives the impression of being very impressive, which contributes to the simulation’s sense of realism. However, if FieldSense isn’t working properly, it completely destroys any sense of immersion you may have had before.

Because the new ball-aiming features are not nearly as revolutionary as they have been made out to be, the passing game is even more unreliable than it already was. Through a combination of button presses that don’t quite make sense to the naked eye, Madden NFL 23 enables players to aim a pass with pinpoint accuracy. It has the feel of a system that was designed specifically for competitive Madden players: While holding down a trigger button and pressing a shoulder button and pressing the button that corresponds to the intended receiver and aiming the pass with an analog stick, the player must perform all of these actions simultaneously.(This is actually one of the choices available to you.)However, this system causes more frustration than anything else for a fan who only watches the game occasionally. It feels like a slap in the face to watch the screen display the words “perfect accuracy” as a pass sail into the hands of an opponent player while at the same time watching the pass be intercepted.

The first portion of Madden NFL 23, which is referred to as the Madden Legacy game, is an incredible homage to John Madden. It takes the form of a simulated tutorial. The game claims that the rosters feature some of Madden’s all-time favorite players, and the teams compete in one of two conferences: the National Football Conference (NFC) or the American Football Conference (AFC). In terms of serving as a tutorial, it is effective. However, in terms of paying tribute, it is without a doubt one of the most touching eulogies that a content game has ever presented. Although Madden Legacy does not in and of itself justify the purchase price of the game, the production value is very high.

There are a few distinct paths to take when it comes to the remaining aspects of the game’s content. Play Now exhibition modes; a franchise mode that lets you manage the team as you progress through seasons; a story mode called Face Of The Franchise; and Madden Ultimate Team, the microtransaction-riddled, card-based build-a-team mode that has been the focus of the series for a while now. These are the different game modes that are available to you in the Madden video game series. A few of these modes are also available to be played over the internet.

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Go big or go home for Ghanaians in My Perfect Funeral, now streaming



“Now in Ghana, if there are no pallbearers, they’ll rate it as a poor funeral,” Benjamin Aidoo says at the very beginning of the new Ghanaian reality series, My Perfect Funeral, now streaming on Showmax.

The 10-part Showmax Original reality series follows five families in Ghana as they prepare to bury their loved ones. With two episodes dedicated to each family, the series explores the different stages for the funeral, and also features POVs and confessional sessions from key family members.

Some families are of course richer than others but as My Perfect Funeral shows, families will go the extra mile to give their loved ones a fitting burial – from putting up billboards to themed coffins to dancing pallbearers like Benjamin Aidoo and his team.

“We’re the number one pallbearers in Ghana. We added the dancing to it, and nobody can take that away from us,” Benjamin declares in the first episode of My Perfect Funeral.

In episode 1 and 2, we follow the burial preparations of Tommy Lee, a friend who’s dear to Benjamin’s heart: one of his best dancers and a pioneer of his now famous pallbearing business.

The show’s second funeral preparations (episode 3-4) take us into the lavish home of Dorcas Affo-Toffey, the MP for Jomoro Constituency, as she, her daughter (singer Fantana) and the rest of the family prepare to bury her mother Mary Afo Danyi.

The reality series also captures the dramatic side of funerals as it’s not always a smooth and pomp affair. Amidst the preparations and celebrations, there’s family drama, like wives refusing to attend funerals of cheating spouses, differences of opinion in traditions, and even unprecedented technical issues that bring a ceremony to a standstill.

My Perfect Funeral is executive produced by Deloris Frimpong Manso (The Delay Show) with Michael Asanted Boateng directing and Joyce Frimpong producing.

My Perfect Funeral is now streaming on Showmax, with new episodes releasing every Thursday.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Strongly Consider Studying In France



Studying In France

Every year, many parents from all over the country scramble to find the best opportunities for their wards to study abroad. Studying overseas has many benefits, not only for the students but also for the country, as many of these graduates often return with important skills as well as the much better work ethic required to build our economy.

Making informed decisions about the best countries to study in can be stressful for parents and students, as many agencies compete to sell them all manner of packages. In this well-researched article, I’ll be zeroing in on why France is a great study destination for folks considering opportunities to study abroad.

Here are the top 10 reasons why France is one of the greatest nations in the world to pursue higher education.

  • The quality of education on offer
  • Strong employment prospects
  • Easy access to Europe
  • Financial benefits
  • Language flexibility
  • An environment that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Amazing history
  • Rich culture
  • Advanced industry & a strong economy
  • Exquisite cuisine

Let’s now dig into the details.

  1. The quality of education on offer

France draws an increasing number of international students every year thanks to its highly regarded research and educational institutions. For good reason, the country’s educational institutions enjoy a strong reputation around the world.

The ability of French Universities to deliver a high standard of teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels is the foundation of its position as a leader in international education. Additionally, cross-border collaborations inside Europe have contributed to the development of a powerful, intellectual global community.

  1. Strong employment prospects

Companies all over the world are aware of the high caliber of French higher education institutions and the value of French degrees.

Along with receiving a top-notch education that will improve graduates’ employability, studying in France also gives students the opportunity to develop in-demand interpersonal skills like adaptability, self-reliance, and cross-cultural awareness. Both small businesses and large corporations seek workers who can succeed outside of their “comfort zone.”

Many Universities are located in diversified cities such as Bordeaux, Paris, and Marseille. All these cities have fantastic networking potential. France also provides a “post-study work stream,” which permits a certain number of work visas each year for foreign graduates to remain and work in France as long as certain requirements are met.

  1. Your front door to Europe

Studying in France has benefits, such as affordable weekend and holiday travel to a number of fun European destinations. Many strategically located University campuses in France provide quick access to must-visit areas.

Bordeaux is near to the enormous beaches of the Atlantic coast, less than an hour from the world’s best vineyards in Saint-Emilion.

Marseille, located on the Mediterranean coast in the south-east of France, has more sunshine and less activity than most French cities. For folks who enjoy nature and countryside living, Marseille is the place to be.

Paris obviously needs no introduction. The world-famous center of French culture, cuisine, and architecture, allows anyone to quickly and easily access flights to any major attraction in France as well as the capital cities of Europe, including London, Berlin, Brussels, Amsterdam, Dublin etc.

  1. Financial Opportunities

International students in France can also benefit from a wide range of scholarships and financial aid opportunities to help defray the cost of tuition and housing. Additionally, students also receive free universal health coverage.

The cost of living for international students in France is roughly EUR 8,000 per year, which is significantly less expensive than attending a university in the USA. France offers international students a great standard of affordable extracurricular activities and a variety of student discounts (movie tickets, museum admission, travel, restaurants, etc.), enabling them to experience a high standard of living.

Studying abroad in France makes financial sense because the costs are far lower than in other nations (such as the USA, New Zealand, Canada, or Australia). Fees for international students across different Universities in France typically range from €8,500 to €19,900 depending on the degree level and the chosen program.

 These are mere estimates however. To get the very latest in scholarship opportunities, fees and immigration laws, kindly contact the primary French state agency responsible for all study in France activities Campus France Ghana.

  1. Language flexibility

A good number of international programs in French Universities are taught entirely in English. No knowledge of French is required to enroll.

Of course, in order to get the most out of your exposure to the country’s culture, it makes perfect sense to try to learn French. A strong asset for increasing employability is learning a new language. It shows a desire for exploration, adaptability, and the desire to learn about a different culture and way of life.

French is spoken by some 300 million people on five continents. Including all our neighboring countries. Making it a useful language in preparing for a future international career.

  1. An environment that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship

Did you that France is the European nation with the most of the top 100 most innovative companies? President Macron pledged to turn France into a “startup nation,” and as a result, a vibrant ecosystem of start-ups, research facilities, Universities, and significant corporations has grown over the past few years.

Entrepreneurs can choose from a variety of industries, including those in fashion, food, high tech, energy, and other areas. Entrepreneurs in France are in a good position to prosper in a supportive environment because they have key success factors like the robust startup ecosystem, capital that is readily available, and a rich history.

Furthermore, public investment banks, private investors, and government programs are all contributing to France’s rapid expansion as a digital powerhouse.

  1. Amazing history

Foreign students studying in France have a wealth of historical terrain to explore.  Everywhere you go there are breathtaking architecture and renowned museums to marvel at.

You can also explore the numerous ancient sites that date back centuries, take in the distinctive multi-cultural atmosphere of France’s most diverse cities, and enjoy the astonishingly well-preserved centuries-old structures.

The constant experience and interaction with great history and culture makes France a wonderful place to stay for curious minds. Which brings us nicely into the next key point.

  1. Rich culture

France is a country where arts and culture are deeply ingrained. World-class cultural landscapes that exudes innovation and refinement make studying there an exciting experience. It is not surprising that France is the birthplace of many of the world’s most talented artists today.

The nation has a rich history of art of many kinds, including exquisite works of art, architectural wonders, music, photography, graphic arts, and new media. As you may know, Paris is the center of the global fashion industry. So if fashion is your thing then you’ll thoroughly enjoy Paris.

  1. Advanced industry & a strong economy

France is one of the top 3 economic powers in Europe and a member of the G7. Tourism, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals are the three main sectors of the nation’s diverse economy.

 31 of the 500 largest firms in the world are headquartered in France. The nation’s infrastructure and economy are both highly developed and focused on the free market. Despite the global economic challenges that have hit Europe very hard over the last year or so, the French economy has remained resilient.

As a foreign student, a strong economy means more economic opportunities for you. It means better job or entrepreneurship prospects for you upon completion.

  1. Exquisite cuisine

The reputation of French cuisine is legendary around the world. While living in France you will discover world-famous specialties by dipping into the French tradition of fantastic dining, which ranges from inexpensive street meals to exclusive Michelin Star restaurants. Whatever your preferences, France has a vast range of cuisines to enjoy in its various regions.

Paris is renowned for its café culture and its unrivaled selection of gastronomic restaurants. Bordeaux boasts the largest wine selection available anywhere. Interesting local and Mediterranean food influenced by European and North African nations is widely available in Marseille. Put simply, food will be the least of your problems if you live in any part of France.


I hope you found this article helpful and informative. As you have seen, France provides an excellent, world class opportunity for all prospective students who are willing and able to afford to take advantage of such opportunities.

 From the quality of education on offer to the quality of social life across France and employment opportunities available, France is clearly an excellent destination to study.

By Aboagye T. Mintah

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Smart Watches Equipped with AI



Smart Watches Equipped with AI

By eliminating the need for skin piercings or blood testing, artificial intelligence may completely transform the game for people with diabetes.

Because of technological advances, we are making medicine at an unprecedented rate, which will significantly benefit patients, as explored by the ThinkML community. This week, researchers described combining wearable gadget data and intelligent systems to identify problems for people with diabetes. Insulin and other medications can help people with diabetes manage their high blood sugar levels. Using insulin carries certain hazards, one of which is dangerously low blood sugar. It is referred to as hypoglycemia. Despite being extremely simple to cure, hypoglycemia can have serious consequences if it goes unnoticed. Symptoms can range from tiredness to loss of awareness.

According to the study, AI could recognize correlations in the electrical impulses that patients’ hearts emit. Some of the newest smartwatches can easily and painlessly gather this information from an echocardiogram (ECG). Deep-learning AI was employed to identify the patterns; in essence, it analyzed several sets of ECG data and compared them with blood sugar levels in diabetic patients to identify which ECG trends indicated a risk. Low blood sugar affects a patient’s potassium and hormonal blood levels and how the brain regulates their heart rate.

You might be curious why so many health-conscious individuals like donning a wristwatch while exercising. The answer is that smartwatches are fantastic tools that can support individuals in achieving their fitness and health objectives. For instance, smartwatches with GPS (Global Positioning System) are frequently used by runners. They use GPS to locate themselves and as a great tool for planning their daily running routes.

1.    AI Recognizes COVID-19 Using Sensors in Smartwatches

The COVID-19 pandemic’s start has increased the use of wearables and workout applications. These cutting-edge wearables, which incorporate artificial intelligence (AI), are revolutionizing how individuals take preventative care of their health. Since COVID-19 has raised personal hygiene awareness, individuals are now more worried about their health and safety. To keep active and healthy, they have begun to take preventative steps.

The study at Princeton University is the source of this new breed of the screening tool. His group is working to create artificial intelligence (AI) systems that can identify COVID-19 and diagnose and track illnesses, including insulin, psychosis, sickle-cell disease, bipolar disorder, and melancholy.

Following the agency’s guidelines for “technology as a medical device,” NeuTigers, a business established to market their work, was granted authorization for its COVIDDeep product. The program combines data from a question on COVID symptoms with information from wristwatch sensors for heart rate, skin temperature, and galvanic skin reaction.

2.   AI Support in Sports and Wellness

These days, many wearables rely on widely used smart assistants, like Alexa or Siri, in Apple Watch. It was feasible to directly integrate Alexa into a wearable once Amazon released its Mobile Accessory Kit, but only sometimes effectively. While this was happening, some makers of wearable technology decided to forgo universal functionality and instead provide their products with specialized, intelligent assistants that excel at activities. And it worked.

3.   Smartwatches Can Now Control Stress Levels

People are experiencing unhealthy levels of stress and worry due to the situation of the world and the never-ending amount of work that must be done. The creators of the smartwatch recognized a need and filled it. The chemicals that regulate your stress levels, including your blood pressure and heart rate, may now be monitored by a wristwatch. Smartwatches include a function that prompts you to unwind.

Your watch has a “Relax Reminder” feature that may alert you when you’re having a terrible day and prompt you to take a little break to avoid short-circuiting in front of your friends and coworkers. As people’s health awareness has increased, stress tracking has emerged as one of the most popular functions in wearable technology, including smartwatches.

4.   Can Help You Sleep Better

You wouldn’t believe it, but a wristwatch can help you develop better sleeping habits. Even when you are asleep, a wristwatch can monitor your health. For instance, your wristwatch may tally up how much time you spent sleeping and log it. You can check your records to corroborate your assumptions if you need more sleep.

Although several smartwatches promise to measure rapid eye movement (REM) and deep sleep, these devices cannot do so unless they are specifically designed to interact with EEG connections in a legitimate sleep lab. But don’t worry, as long as you have benchmark information from your smartwatch. From that knowledge, you may decide how to enhance your sleep.

5.   Healthcare Wearables using AI Analytics

Life expectancy and quality of life are projected to improve thanks to connected devices and AI-enabled technologies. As the simplest, most practical instruments for gathering health data, monitoring, and interacting with people while they are on the road, wearables are important to this viewpoint. The application of AI analytics by medical and care wearables can help them function better.

6.   They Maintain Your Health and Safety

You probably need to learn your body better than your smartwatch does. Today’s wearables measure more than just physical activity, and businesses collaborate with medical professionals to deliver the finest treatment. If you want to use it, it can monitor your sleep and offer individualized advice on improving your slumber. Using various methods, females can chart periods, note symptoms, and calculate ovulation.

Wrapping Note

Additionally, some applications provide users with improved ideas or tweaks that they may use in their activities and workouts. For instance, wearable applications might recommend how many calories you should expend to reach your ideal weight.

Indeed, when it comes to keeping up with your health, smartwatches make the ideal partners. Given how quickly technology develops, you can be sure that smartwatches will eventually include more sophisticated features to track our fitness and health.

Smartwatches are recognizable timepieces with several functionalities. One of these functions is assisting users with their fitness and health objectives. The benefits of smartwatches for people are numerous, and the reasons listed above are only a few. The efficacy of wearables in the realm of healthcare will only increase in the future as new capabilities that aid with postural and epilepsy detection become available.

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Buy best V Part Wigs For Your Hair By Hurela



a complete guide about hd lace wigs

The wigs afterpay you choose for your outfit gives you the opportunity to customize your hair. They can be different colors or different styles. Without going to the salon and spending a lot on your hair, you can get different hairstyles using the Hurela wigs afterpay feature where you can pay in installments for the wigs you want to buy. are

Nowadays most women have become working women and do not have extra time to style their hair in different ways regularly. But we have a wig afterpay for you that we offer you because they are perfect for giving you the opportunity to look beautiful every day.

Their use can also prevent the problem of hair thinning. These are very attractive and useful as you can hide the problem of short hair on your scalp. When you have just adopted this style, no one will recognize that you are wearing a wigs afterpay. They are very easy to wear and are very scalp friendly. Even beginners can wear them for the first time and achieve a beautiful look.

What Is A Best V Part Wigs?

A best v part wigs, also known as a thin part wig, is an upgraded version of a U-part wig. It comes with a mesh cap with a knot on the cap to give the hair a more natural look. A best v part wigs is very similar to a U-part wig, except that it has a V-shaped top, which is thinner than a U-part unit. A best v part wigs is also a protective style wig, it allows you to leave a bit of your natural hair in front. So if you have very thin front hair or don’t want to deal with your natural hair at all, a best v part wigs is probably your closest match.

What’s More About Best V Part Wigs?

As an emerging wig style, there are more features you need to know about the best v part wigs. It is adhesive and laceless. The V-shaped opening enables you to wear your real head and create a natural hairline. And the hair itself will match your natural hair roots perfectly. The best v part wigs has 5 clips, 3 combs, and an adjustable strap to secure the wig to you, making the application process super easy. It only takes you a few minutes to put on and take off the wig. Moreover, this protective unit also helps in hair growth. Wearing a best v part wigs means you don’t have to mess with your hair, so you’ll have a break in your scalp and no more suffering from hair loss.

Who Should Get A Best V Part Wigs?

A best v part wigs is a beginner friendly type. If you are new to wigs and find lace fitting more difficult than ever, then a best v part wigs will be perfect for you. And if you have sensitive skin or need to hide a bald head or other hair problems, a best v part wigs is also one of your best fits. It protects your scalp well, meanwhile, adds volume or length to your hair. More importantly, a best v part wigs will give you a completely natural look with no glue marks, lace holes or messy baby hair. A U-part wig may require a lot of leave-in for a wig wearer with thicker hair. With this super thin part wig, you can change your hair to your liking even if you have very short hair.

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