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Listen UP: Rapper, Sons tries Afrobeat on new single, 'Coco'



[caption id="attachment_101645" align="aligncenter" width="700"]sons coco sons coco[/caption] Oh Lord, let my bars change the rap game as I record/ let my flow be the reason why they applaud/ let my style be the reason why they sound odd

And just like that, rapper Sons makes his grand entry into Ghana’s rap game. These are introductory words off his debut single Never (produced by Zodiac), a number which proves an effective vehicle through which he elucidates his mission statement.
Released in October last year, Sons blossoms seamlessly on the hip-hop rhythm with fearsome delivery and weighty statements, demonstrating clearly why he’s been widely touted as the next big thing.
“They were asking for the illest, I just came out here to set he records straight”, “lyrically I’m heavyweight”, “came to school you rappers, you should listen while I educate”, “[you] came to take part, I just came to take over”.
Admittedly, these words might be interpreted as prideful, every budding rapper says stuff life these… but there’s something about the soul who is fearless enough to author these words. It might draw him contempt and ridicule, but it also means he’s special. Even this early, Sons understands the implication of those words, and submits why for him in particular, those words are not merely an outpouring of excessive confidence; “hate me for my confidence but love me for my dedication”.
Another reason his soliloquy on Never is hardly light is the fact that he rides on the shoulders of a rock-hard support system –Tema-based JBA Records. In an establishment where there’s hardly a ‘proper’ label system, JBA is the diamond among rocks, for it operates as a 360-degree record outfit: professional studio recording, artiste grooming/ management, as well as online distribution.
Never ruffled the streets and announced the arrival of a beast of an artiste. He’s hiphop by default, but he’s not solely legionnaire in that genre. On January 10, he’s set to release his second single, in the presently ubiquitous Afrobeat field.
Described by his management as “humble, hardworking and very focused”, they’re both excited and certain that the forthcoming single (titled Coco) will do great things –as is he—for he hopes that it attracts a lot more awareness to the brand, and proves his tenability to dynamic creative routes –a prerequisite for success of any kind in this industry.
Coco, like Never, was produced by his sidekick Zodiac whose genius is steadily amassing acclaim. It is a sure banger.
Sons reveals that an album is in the works, and like the singles he’s churning out, it can be compared to nothing else around, because nothing like that has ever been heard. The only course to the top is to stand out and shine, and Sons understands this logic too well. Rest assured: we won’t have to wait for so long to sample this landmark project –it drops this year, and features A-list acts from the country and across the continent.
Sons has been musically active for about a decade, and he comes from Tema (which the exploits of Sarkodie, R2Bees et al prove is the best preparation ground for musical distinction)
“I’m sorry if I’m late, but it’s better late than never”, the hook in Never goes.
He may have tarried, but he’s coming! Don’t say you have not been warned!

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