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Listen UP: Akwaboah – Sanbra (Time to Return)



Sanbra (Time to Return) is a song written by multiple award winning singer-writer Akwaboah and a new entrant to the song writing industry Mr. Miah who is also the Executive Producer of Sanbra (Time to Return).

The song was arranged by Akwaboah and produced by 2019 VGMA Sound Engineer of the year Francis Osei.

The aim was to do a song for the Year of Return 2019, harnessing the positive emotions created and still have a song with the power to go beyond the Year of Return, ultimately becoming a timeless piece.

The challenge was to write and produce a song that was:

  1. Behind time – The 2019 year of activities are drawing to a close and there was still no official Year of Return song
  2. In between time – Year of Return is currently transitioning in to Beyond Year of Return celebrating a decade of African Restoration – Sanbra is a perfect transition between these two events
  3. Timeless – A song that outlives a decade of Beyond Year of Return activities and a perpetual call to action for the diaspora as well as evoke a sense of pride and belonging amongst Ghanaians home and abroad.

Sanbra is meant to be a celebration of life. The African beats fuse with soft melodies to deliver a tune that one can easily build a connection to. It is a beautiful composition that is catchy. The lyrics evoke a sense of belonging and the liberty that comes with connecting with the place your soul can call home…it really makes you feel like coming home even if you are just around the corner.

The creators poured heart and soul into it, and it is obvious.

The song provides a call to action for brothers and sisters in the diaspora to return to Ghana. A video for Sanbra showcase the various tourism potential of Ghana through music and video – the ultimate promotional material for Ghana in our diaspora engagement.

Beyond music, this is a Sanbra has the potential of generating investment in Ghana.