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Listen UP: XLNC – Bedi Anko



This is the first of a series of collaborations that will be solely Produced by XLNC , a fante song titled Bedi Ankor meaning ” come eat and don’t go away ” featuring his brother Ato Kasa.

“Singing about the love of a woman has been my passion” he said, “Since day one of my musical journeys. Hit lines by  Sass Squads Track ” Awow na edi me sie  to Th4 Kwages own Nana Esi me nhu ma me nye oo, I have demonstrated that women’s affairs inspire me a lot ” he added.

Check this new Banger and enjoy the expression that ; the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach..   first verse has a line;  “nansei Mbasiafo binom, ma wo nyim ara nyi restuarant na mpaebo , na akwankyer3 biaria nyi ho sen de aba nya suban pa na enyim efie adzi ye ooo..”

A controversial line in there , simply translated into English as ” Nowadays most women looking for marriage, resort  to going to Restaurants with partners or attending  Prayers services, But there is no better way to win a mans heart  than to know how to keep a home and cook a good meal .. ” some of the punchlines are very comical, taking the listener back into the Th4 Kwages and Sass squads Hits Sounds