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Listen UP: Zepora Dickson – Give Me Love



One of Ghana’s up-and-coming songstresses, Zepora, has dropped her first solo single, Give Me Love. A product of the maiden 2010 edition of Vodafone Icons, she has caught the eye of some of the nation’s big acts including DJ Kess,  Worlasi and Kuvie with whom she has collaborated. Along the way, she has built a substantial and loyal Twitter following who have named her the Queen of Ghana’s Afro-house scene. This latest track is a departure from that, bringing us much more of a reggae vibe. Zepora’s followers will not be surprised by the change in genre as she has long said that she enjoys expressing and exploring herself through different musical genres. She said recently that the song came about due to a particular situation that she found herself in and she felt that this particular style best helped her express her emotion. She said: “this is a song talking about goodwill and the need to open up our hearts and minds to it. It talks about the need to look out for the best in ourselves and others.” You would be wise to closely follow such a dynamic young artist who is bound to be making many more headlines soon. You can stream the song here –, or help to support local artists by purchasing it on Aftown –]]>


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