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Literature: The Harmattan



THE MORNING Once upon a Harmattan time I stood there hoping to see my diamonds I couldn’t because the Harmattan had hidden them I walked and ran hoping to find a clear sight The more I ran, the more my past became blur Then I reached a place where I saw Oliver THE AFTERNOON Oliver, have you found my diamonds? Ask me that question when Harmattan is gone Oliver, without the diamonds, I am restless Ramses, how can I help you when she is still around? I ran again because I knew Oliver was no help I am Ramses and capable of finding the diamonds all by myself THE EVENING Searching through every nock and cranny I rather finally found two painful things One, it is better to let certain things go than to chase them, you might be chasing a ghost. Two, you don’t have to rush to find something If you have to wait for a decade before finding it, do it. THE NIGHT I finally have to admit that Oliver was right I looked around again in a long face Then I ran back to my old sinvelling Oliver Oliver! Written by Joseph Yaw Frimpong Follow him on twitter @frimpong4u]]>

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