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Lokhanda and Pulse Fitness team up for free self-defence training for women



As part of promoting self-defence in Ghana, Lokhanda has partnered Pulse Fitness to provide free reality-based self-defence training for women. The Ghana’s no.1 reality-based self-defence organisation reached an agreement with the Pulse Fitness last week to train women who don’t have the courage and basic self-defence techniques to become more aware, prepared and empowered. Speaking in an interview, the Founder and Chief Executive Office of Lokhanda, Lord Kwadjo Andoh, disclosed that: “In order to promote self-defence in Ghana, Lokhanda in its last year resolution decided to partner about four modern gyms to use their spaces to teach and promote community awareness and safety needs.”

“It’s an innovative relationship to promote and ensure good health and the safety needs of civilians especially women and children in the Ghanaian and African community at large in order to help recognise, avoid or survive real life violent or emergency encounters against assailants in a complete proven, simple, fun and positive way.” Lord Kwadjo Andoh also divulged that Lokhanda is focusing on establishing a day-to-day safety awareness and tactical protection skills coupled with basic first aid to build confidence and empower Ghanaian woman. “Lokhanda women empowered programme is geared towards establishing the day-to-day safety awareness and tactical protection skills coupled with basic first aid to build confidence. It will also empower the Ghanaian woman in order to defend themselves in intimidating situations in a simple, effective, fun and positive way by preventing or survive various life threatening situations such as stalking, sexual exploitations, rape, etc.” The partnership will allow women from 15 years and above to participate in Lokhanda’s weekly evening training sessions at the ultra-modern and state of the art gym located at Lizzy’s Sports Complex at East Legon in Accra. The registration costs only GHC 20.00 and the full training sessions start on Wednesday, February 15. Interested people can contact +233 30 396 6280 or +233 24 979 1680. “Ghanaians should become more aware of their environment, prepared and empowered to avoid being a weak target or victim for abuse,” Lord Kwadjo Andoh advised.]]>

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