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Love Like Ours: Praye Tietia finally speaks out – says he is not foolish or stupid but simply loves Selly!!!



selly and prayeTrue to his word that he would only speak after he had met his sweetheart, Praye Tietia has come to the defence of Selly despite the public outlash following the former’s intimate encounter with Nando in the Big Brother House. Praye Tietia who hitherto refused to comment when Showbiz called him about a month ago seemed prepared now to talk about the decision he has taken. “Nobody knows Selly more than I know her. I have been with her for almost five years so I know her very well. It is not for any reason that I come to her defence but because I know who Selly is and not what the Big Brother Africa Selly people say she is. “I am not a fool or stupid as some people are suggesting and I am not saying that Selly is perfect because I admit that as human beings, we all have our flaws and she might have erred in the public eye when she was in the house, but is that enough grounds to end a five year relationship with a woman who has been with me all these years?” he asked. Praye told Showbiz last Tuesday that, it hurts him when he reads or hears people make derogatory remarks about him because of the stance he has taken to defend Selly but he was ever ready to put his life down to clear her name. “This is the time she needs me the most and people are expecting me to break up with her at these trying times. If I do that, then I have failed myself as a good partner. I want people to leave us alone. “I didn’t want to comment on this issue initially because what happened in the Big Brother House was just an act so I wanted to hear Selly’s side. Now she is back and we have had a heart to heart chat and for me, I think it will take more than what happened to break up with Selly. “Words cannot explain the love I have for her neither can any device measure the quantum of love I have for her. It has taken both of us a lot of commitment to get here and I won’t let anything come between us”. Selly who returned to Accra last Monday after her eviction said she was very disappointed at the way the media in Ghana were so ready to villify her when in other countries like South Africa, she enjoyed enormous support. “I love Big J (Praye Tietia) and we are not breaking up – we are even stronger together and I want to take this opportunity to say I thank him a lot for being my tower of strength”, Selly said. Source: Gifty Owusu-Amoah/Graphic Showbiz/Ghana]]>

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