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Love made on YouTube! How an unromantic Wode Maya won the heart of Miss Trudy with flowers



Wode Maya won the heart of Miss Trudy with flowers

Ghanaian Youtber, Wode Maya and his Kenyan girlfriend Miss Trudy are amongst the most-loved couple within the African YouTube community.  But how did this relationship of over two-years blossom? It all started with flowers, according to an interview on Ameyaw TV.

“I met her on my first trip to Ethiopia. She was a YouTuber so I reached out to her and asked if she would like to link up because I was going to Kenya that time. I was there (Kenya) and she never showed up. When I was leaving to Ethiopia I asked if she would like to come and she said no! Later she texted to say she was coming and I said ok. She then asked why I wasn’t excited that she was coming. I was like, but you told me you were not coming,” says Wode Maya.

Unromantic right? Well, Wode Maya, listened to advice, which perhaps turned everything around!

“I told her I wouldn’t pick her up. So, I gave her the address. There was guy around who said that I was not so romantic and suggested I got a flower for her. So decided to surprise her with a flower, apparently that was her first flower,” he continues.


How does being miles apart affect their relationship? Wode Maya believes that his trust in Trudy gives him all the assurance he needs, when they are apart physically.


“I know the kind of girl I am dating, she is the kind of girl I can leave for a year and go wherever I want to go, and I won’t be scared a bit…”


According to Wode Maya, Trudy has  been to Ghana more than he has been to Kenya.

Watch Ameyaw TV interview with Wode Maya below

Berthold Winkler Ackon (Wode Maya) is a Vlogger who is on a mission to change negative narratives about Ghana and Africa. He has traveled widely across Africa, promoting positive stories about people doing amazing things, beautiful destinations, and more. Therefore you can check what makes a difference between Youtuber vs TikTok if you really want that fame and popularity.

Maya gained notoriety when, as a Ghanaian student at the Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU), his video simply titled “Problems Black People Face In China” went viral. It was a recording of one of his bus commutes, on his phone, where the seat beside him remained empty while numerous Chinese passengers decided to stand instead. He has 862K subscribers on YouTube with over 129 Million views currently.



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