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Lukka Unveils Accra’s Official Soundtrack with Debut



Lukka, the dynamic young talent hailing from the vibrant streets of Accra, is ready to set the music scene ablaze with his electrifying debut single, “CHALE HOW FAR.” Crafted as Accra’s official soundtrack, this infectious Afro fusion anthem is poised to captivate audiences worldwide with its irresistible blend of Afrobeat rhythms and soulful R&B melodies.

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At just 20 years old, Lukka, born David Nsiah Jackson, brings a fresh perspective to the table, seamlessly blending the rhythmic pulse of Afrobeat with the emotive tenor vocals that resonate from the heart of Ghana. With “CHALE HOW FAR,” Lukka invites listeners on a musical odyssey that transcends genres, celebrating the rich tapestry of sound from the African continent while infusing it with modern world influences.

“This song embodies the spirit of Accra,” says Lukka. “It’s more than just music; it’s a cultural experience. ‘CHALE HOW FAR’ captures the essence of our city, from the bustling streets to the vibrant nightlife and even touching on romantic adventures in Accra. It’s meant to be the soundtrack to every moment, whether you’re cruising through town or dancing the night


Released under the banner of Meister Music, “CHALE HOW FAR” is poised to make waves both locally and internationally. With its infectious party drums, highlife-style guitar strings, and a catchy chorus that sticks on everyone’s lips, the song encapsulates the spirit of Accra in
every beat. As Lukka emerges onto the music scene at a time when Afrobeat sounds are gaining global recognition, he is determined to carve his own path and make his mark on the industry. With “CHALE HOW FAR,” he invites music lovers everywhere to join him on this
journey as he navigates the waters of creativity and innovation.

Prepare to be swept away by the irresistible charm of “CHALE HOW FAR.” Whether you’re a
seasoned Afrobeats enthusiast or a newcomer to the genre, Lukka’s debut single promises an
experience like no other. Get ready to press play and let the sounds of Accra transport you to a
world of rhythm, soul, and unbridled energy.
“CHALE HOW FAR” by Lukka is now available on all major streaming platforms. Don’t miss
out on the ultimate musical experience – tune in today and let the journey begin.

About Lukka:
Lukka is a rising star in the world of Afro fusion music, hailing from Accra, Ghana. Born David Nsiah Jackson, Lukka combines the rhythmic pulse of Afrobeat with soulful R&B melodies to create a vibrant sound that transcends genres. With his debut single, “CHALE HOW FAR,” Lukka is ready to make his mark on the global music scene and take listeners on a journey through the heart and soul of Accra.

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