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Luscious Healthy Desserts Beneficial to Hair Growth



Having a healthy lifestyle does not mean depriving your sweet tooth. Indulging on desserts once in a while is acceptable. 

Essential nutrients for hair growth can be found in fresh vegetables and fruits. Sometimes, eating them raw can taste bland for our taste buds. Ease your worries away, for you can now enjoy eating desserts without sacrificing your healthy mane.

Here are some healthy desserts enriched with hair growth vitamins.

  1. Green Tea Smoothie

This creamy smoothie is a perfect concoction for relaxing. It contains green tea, a refreshing ingredient that is rich in catechins. These phenolic compounds are known to block DHT in your body, thereby inhibiting hair loss. You can use green tea extract to make a sweet yet healthy beverage.

You can blend green tea leaves or pour the extract together with your usual smoothie recipe. Garnish some chopped green tea leaves, and your drink is ready to go!

  1. Banana Blueberry Smoothie

Bananas and blueberries are both fructose-loaded fruits. Thus these ingredients are natural sweeteners already.

Bananas are rich in biotin, potassium, and antioxidants. These yellow fruits contain nutrients for a frizz-free and lustrous mane. Your hair can also benefit from the folic acid

Meanwhile, blueberries contain proanthocyanidins, which stimulate hair follicle growth. These round berries are also rich with antioxidants that help your hair against to fight against oxidative stress.

To make this creamy smoothie, combine one ripe banana, frozen blueberries, and yogurt or fresh milk in a blender. Mix them until smooth and frothy.

  1. Apple Pie

This freshly baked dessert will not only fill the whole room with its aroma, but it will also help your locks to regain and maintain its good condition.

Apples are rich sources of Vitamins A, C, and E. Vitamin A stimulates good sebum production to keep your hair moisturized. On the other hand, Vitamins C and E boost your body’s antioxidants to prevent your hair from losing its elasticity and pigment.


For the recipe, begin by making your pie crust and dough strips. Then, soak the slices in a lemon-and-sugar mixture to prevent them from browning. You also need to melt the unsalted butter and mix it with sugar. Once the liquefied and sweetened butter is ready, prepare the encrusted pan. Arrange the sliced apples and dough strips on the container. Slowly pour the sweetened butter on your pie. Once you are done, bake it in the oven until it looks golden.

  1. Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

This dessert is a very tempting treat, but don’t worry. The cake’s main ingredient, hazelnut, is enriched with Vitamin E. Hazelnuts are also rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals from damaging your hair and scalp.

You can buy a chocolate cake mix to make your life easier. Combine your dry and wet ingredients. Then, pour an appropriate amount of hazelnut oil to give your cake its sweet, nutty flavor. The extract is also loaded with essential nutrients for your hair. You can also add a handful of roasted hazelnuts to add extra crunch and sweetness. Once your cake batter is ready, bake it in the oven and wait for the magic to happen.

  1. Buckwheat Crepe

This sweet-flavored treat is perfect for lazy mornings. Buckwheat flour is gluten-free. Hence, it’s another plus point for being a healthy ingredient.

Buckwheat is packed with Vitamin B6, a nutrient known to help hair color restoration by increasing your body’s melanin level. B6 also helps in stimulating blood circulation

Get all the nutrients for your hair by adding buckwheat flour in your crepe mixture.



You don’t need to sacrifice your palate to regain healthy locks. Satisfying your cravings is a way of de-stressing, and these desserts are perfect for your hair care and sweet tooth needs.

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