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Luxury Lifestyle Awards Announces The Best Luxury Rollerball Pen in the World



In the modern world of mass-production, there are still custodians of traditional artistry and authenticity that deserve special recognition. These people keep age-old craft techniques and create handmade masterpieces that could never be made on an assembly line. This is exactly what can be said about Urso, a team of artisans that produces luxury writing accessories. Urso became the worldwide winner of  Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of The Best Luxury Rollerball Pen.

The history of Urso began in 1985, when Giuseppe Urso and his brother Lucio founded the company Urso Luxury. Their atelier was located in Candia Lomellina, a small town 30 km from Valenza, world-famous center of jewelry making, where Giuseppe studied to be a traditional artisan. Urso started to design pens and jewelry aiming to combine the well-established techniques with the newest technologies. Nowadays Urso is still a small team of artisans that make limited editions of luxury pens and accessories. Most of the company`s designs were created by Urso brothers and Giuseppe`s son Riccardo.

Rollerball pens designed by Urso are presented in several collections dedicated to outstanding places and events (e. g. London, Babel, Venice, Jerusalem, The Two Empires, Shavuot), eminent persons (Tiziano, Sholom Aleichem), but most of all – animals (Phoenix, Horse, Panther, Elephant, Falcon, The Lion King, Tiger). In high jewelry, animal themes are some kind of quality mark because only the high-level master is able to portray the character of a beast. And every animal rendered on Urso`s pen shows the great skill of its creator. The Horse collection, for instance, is available in three variants of beautiful engraved design, one of which has an 18-carat solid gold finish with diamonds. The body of the rollerball pen Tiziano (inspired by Venetian painter Tiziano Vecelli) is made of 18 carats rose gold fabric, enriched by diamonds. Two Empires and London are made using such techniques as bas-relief, “lost-wax”, polishing, enameling, and many others.

Urso rollerball pens represent the great traditions of craftsmanship. The master has to perform about 100 operations to create one pen, and it can take up to one week. Each one of them is a work of art: you can thoroughly examine intricate motifs and numerous details presented on the pen.

Urso pen comes in a luxurious wooden box, which is lined with felt. There is also a cotton sleeve inside the box to keep the pen protected. But the main component of the set is the intangible spirit of love and deep philosophy of craftsmanship that Urso masters put in every product.