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LuxuryTastic Replicas Review – The Best Replica Website



luxurytastic reviews

If you’re looking for Luxurytastic reviews, I am sure that you’re trying to find the best replica website available online.

I am also certain that you indeed put much concern on what you always wear. They say that anyone can dress up, but, only those of us who’ve worn from the luxury designer’s world understand what it means to elegantly dress up.

From whose label you put on your feet, to what logo buckles our waistlines, the designer scarfs on our necks, the watches on our wrists, the luxury purses and clutch-bags which complement our lavish styles to the magnificent designer handbags every woman dreams of having. All of this makes a fashion statement whenever we walk past you.

With our precise selection of every bit that we pick to clothe ourselves with, many are left with no option but to just refer us as the Fashion Gurus, and to a larger extent, even the Fashion Freaks. You know what? That’s exactly what we are, the gods of fashion!

Don’t worry if you are not maybe a Fashion Freak or a Fashion Guru or the fashion god in your circle of friends. I was once just like you, and I specifically know how it feels to have nothing impressive on you at all. You don’t have to be the lemon in a basket of oranges anymore dear.


Continue reading my Luxurytastic Replicas review to understand how my glamour, elegance, fashion and clothing world all changed when I came to know about one of the best replica websites –

Luxurytastic Reviews – Are They The Best Replica Website?

luxurytastic replicas reviews is your one-stop replica website for prestigious and high-quality replicated designer products. We all agree that most of those authentic Designers’ made Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Channel, Saint Laurent, Dior, Balenciaga, Celine, and MCM products along with their accessories in the market place today are not within our typical financial reach.

However, at, they have this policy -“Luxury and quality don’t need to be expensive.” They became my closet-golden-goose since our encounter on the internet.

From the time I read this review of Luxurytastic, they have become one of the best things that has ever happened in my life.

Since like most people out there I could not afford the authentic designers’ products, I now had my best replica website where I would always get perfect replicas of the authentic designers’ products for only a quarter of the cost of an authentic one.


What caught my interest in one the Luxurytastic Replicas reviews I’ve read, is that unlike most of the Replica stores out there that only drop-ship products to their clients, LuxuryTastic Replicas personally manufacture their products.

They are very keen and put much emphasis on details and the quality control of their products before shipment. I’ve bought a few times from them and they have never once let me down.

There are many other Luxurytastic reviews that you can find online, and their verified reviews on TrustPilot is enough to let us know how they are one of the best replica websites available right now!

Luxurytastic Replicas Reviews – Is Luxurytastic Legit?


best replica websitesWith over 180 verified Luxurytastic reviews on TrustPilot, ranked in the top 25 online clothing store category plus the leading replica leather goods store category by TrustPilot, you can bet that Luxurytastic is legit!

So, what made me try them out? Well, to be honest the stellar reviews LuxuryTastic Replicas had online enticed me to try this new website.


As a first-timer, I also had the same questions any cautious online buyer has before trying them.

I feared the state at which my order would be at upon delivery. I had many worries too.

Will I get what it is that am ordering? How long will the shipment take? Is the shipment guaranteed if the customs withhold my package? What happens if my goods are damaged or lost during shipment?

Is Luxurytastic legit for real?  Just like you, wary got the best of me too.

Since I was able to overcome all that, let me share some tactics I used to check if is really legit.


“It’s only if I order something, that I will know how legit they are,” I thought.

Now the best possible way to do this was by;

  • Making a first order for a cheap merchandise they have.

I was ready to risk a small sum of money to check out if they are really legit. I checked their inventory only to realize they had a wide range of products on their websites that I could order without having to worry about losing my cash. I picked a cheap Gucci cardholder for $137, added it to my cart and then proceeded to make my payment online.

Although I was reluctant at first, I made my payment through Western Union then. After providing them the Western Union payment details, I received the quality-control pictures of the wallet that I ordered for my approval within 24 hours.

  • Check the quality of your delivered Replicas.

After waiting for about 6 days, my order was already shipped and delivered to my country only for me to collect. Their customer support always kept in contact whenever I had a query though. The product I received looked exactly like the Gucci wallet they advertised on their website.

Indeed, in a crowded market place, I found the world’s top producer and retailer of 1:1 mirrored luxury replicas. This was my Golden Goose! A perfectly mirrored replica, very identical to the authentic products I tell you! You could hardly tell the difference from the authentic.

The results were more than convincing for me that I even went ahead to purchase their leather handbags, their custom made backpacks, travel bags, briefcases and wallets for my mom and paps also since they never believed in replicas before.


I have shopped for my family at large here for designer replicas over the years. They don’t do cheaply done Chinese goods like many replica stores which you might have tried before. The quality of Replicas they deal with matches even the quality of those authentic designers’ products in the market.

Why Is Luxurytastic The Best Replica Website?


In the past, having tried a good number of online replica websites before, I had fallen for some online fraudsters’ too. They promise to deliver high-quality replicas but in the end, they leave you disappointed, especially, with matters regarding the quality they claim on their products.

I can confidently tell you that this is not the case with LuxuryTastic Replicas after shopping from them for over 1 year now. I’d say they are surely the best replica website out there from the luxurious and premium experience which I’ve had with them. This includes but not limited to the following;

As I had told you earlier on ladies, at LuxuryTastic Replicas, they don’t just drop ship your orders from some low and cheaply manufactured Chinese factories. They take the liberty to go a step further and manufacture your replica in a factory with a genuine designer made product in front of their eyes for quality assurance. They have heavily invested in research to specifically match the authentic products in the market by purchase a genuine product from their boutiques only for them to replicate it first-hand.

  • Quality Control.

Another great benefit that comes from doing business with LuxuryTastic Handbags is their quality control department. After you ladies have just picked your item of interest, the manufacturing starts in their factory. The custom replica design is then sent to you for approval before stitching and final processing is done. If you disapprove of the initial design, another design is crafted for you but this will consequently delay your shipment process also.

Customer satisfaction is a policy that is highly adhered here girls.

  • Customer Service.

The customer is king in business. You all agree to that, right?. That’s very true for any serious people who want to be in business in the long run. At LuxuryTastic Replicas, this is mandatory also ladies. As I had mentioned to you, customer satisfaction is the motto of this company. They offer 24/7 customer support with live chat on their website. An added alternative for live WhatsApp is also incorporated for your full assistance and help. From the moment you make the order until shipment is done, you will have full communication with their customer care support always.


Luxurytastic Handbags Quality

luxurytastic handbags

Remember me telling you about how many replica stores out there guarantee quality only for you to be disappointed by the Chinese drop-shipped goods? Well, with Luxurytastic Replicas the case is way more different.

Quality is always prioritized by these guys to only satisfy your interest in having almost too genuine designer bags, very close identity to that Gucci purse and handbag you’ve been eyeing on Netflix and HBO series characters.

The LuxuryTastic Replicas design and the creative department are always on the toe for the best materials in the market just to make your dream come to life ladies. Getting only top-grade leather designs for your customized designer replica is what burns their midnight oil upon receiving your order.

All my orders have met the standards of the genuine Designer products in the market at Luxury Tastic Replicas. Never even once have I had to complain back because of quality.


My Luxurytastic Review Conclusion


After a few bad experiences from other replica websites, is the best replica website for me. Their unmatched quality of materials in the replicas, their timely shipment and delivery of goods, their quality control process, their all-round 24/7 responsive communication and customer service support, I can’t ask for any better!

To conclude my Luxurytastic review, I recommend all of you to check out Luxurytastic Replicas. Try them out now to understand why I consider them the best replica websites available right now and maybe you can contribute to one of the many Luxurytastic Replicas reviews available online!


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British High Commission donates eight (8) ambulances to the Ghana Armed Forces as part of its annual Security Dialogue



img 95008817683748194271014 scaled

Demonstrating bilateral collaboration and commitment to strengthening the UK-Ghana security partnership, the British High Commission has presented eight (8) ambulances to the Ghana Armed Forces to improve medical outreach in the Northern border regions.
The official handover ceremony which took place today at the Burma Camp in Accra is a testament of the strong security and defence ties the UK and Ghana share.

The event brought together the UK Minister of State for the Armed Forces, Rt. Hon. James Heappey, the Chief of the Defence Staff, Vice Admiral Seth Amoama from the Ghana Armed Forces, British High Commissioner, H.E. Harriet Thompson, representatives from the UK government and representatives from the Ghana Armed Forces, showcasing a collaborative effort to bolster peace and security in the Northern regions.

img 94922731606884085111759

Ghana, like her neighbours appreciate the importance of civilian cooperation in the Northern regions as the Armed Forces work alongside Non-Governmental Organisations in the fight to prevent and limit violent extremist organisations. The ambulances provided are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to aid the Ghana Armed Forces in their medical outreaches in the five (5) Northern regions as part of the UK-Ghana Civilian Military Cooperation Programme.

img 93696608280898435014154

Speaking at the handing over ceremony, the UK Minister of State for the Armed Forces, Rt. Hon. James Heappey said:

“Ghana is a key partner for the UK, we work together to tackle shared challenges from violent extremism in the Sahel to maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea and this donation underscores the strong partnership between the UK and Ghana”.
“We are proud to contribute to Ghana Armed Force’s capacity to protect and serve its civilians in the 5 Northern regions to counter violent extremism, and we will continue to foster long-lasting partnerships through our annual security dialogue”.

img 94607855124839559574120

The ambulances will be distributed in the Wa, Bolgatanga, Sandema Mechanical Brigade Headquarters and the Armoured Regimental Headquarters in Damango respectively.
The UK continues to work closely with the Ghana Armed Forces to support Ghana’s leadership position in the sub-region and to strengthen the capability of Ghanaian security services to take the lead in responding to instability in the region, particularly those related to that of violent extremists emanating from the Sahel.

img 93741167972428505336117
img 94448383903763666476940
img 95095109873181542238332
img 94936735289645496267020
img 95008817683748194271014
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Jumia appoints Temidayo Ojo as new Ghana CEO



Jumia, the leading e-commerce platform in Africa, has announced the appointment of Temidayo Ojo as Ghana’s new Chief Executive Officer. He takes over the leadership mantle from former CEO, Sunil Natraj who is taking up a new role as the CEO of Jumia Nigeria.

“I am honored and thrilled to take on the role of CEO at Jumia Ghana. Having been part of this
incredible journey at Jumia, I’ve witnessed firsthand the remarkable potential and unwavering dedication of our team. My commitment is steadfast—to steer Jumia Ghana towards continued growth, expanding our market reach, and ensuring that every customer experience is nothing short of exceptional. Our focus remains on innovation, seamless service delivery, and fostering strong partnerships that will elevate not only our platform but also the e-commerce landscape in Ghana,” said Temidayo Ojo upon his appointment.

Temidayo is an adept leader with over a decade of experience spanning project management,
commercial sales, and business strategy. He joined Jumia in 2020, as the Head of Planning and
Performance before moving on to become the Chief Commercial Officer in Ghana and has honed his expertise in crafting and executing transformative strategies within the e-commerce, retail, and consumer goods sectors. His career trajectory showcases a stellar journey—pioneering e-commerce strategies, optimizing financial performance, and spearheading large-scale commercial transformations.

Temidayo Ojo holds an MBA in Finance, Strategy & Consulting from IESE Business School, and a
Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics
Engineering from the University of Lagos.
He looks forward to fostering growth within Jumia’s operations in Ghana while collaborating closely with all stakeholders to ensure partner
development and consumer satisfaction as the company charts towards profitability

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Seychelles, not just home of giant tortoises, rare fruits, and exotic beaches



IMG 20231207 WA0045

Seychelles is home for many things, most especially the thousands of giant tortoises walking slowly across the archipelago and weighing up to 200 kg, as well as the the endemic Coco de Mer palm tree with its very special fruits, which is the symbol of the nation and most commonly found on the UNESCO World Heritage Site “Vallée de Mai” Island.

It also has colourful coral reefs, clown and trumpet fish, sea turtles and much more can be discovered while snorkelling and diving in the pristine blue waters of the country. The uniquely beautiful underwater world of Seychelles can equally be explored and experienced directly from the many great beaches that surround the archipelago nation.

For travelers and tourists dreaming of white, deserted sandy beaches, round granite rocks and turquoise blue water they are guaranteed to find what they are looking for in Seychelles. The beaches of Seychelles are uniquely beautiful and it could give the satisfaction that the traveler is on a desert island of their own.

Indeed, Seychelles is a haven for people seeking to hike around the hills and enjoy the cool and calm waters of the Indian ocean and a warm sunny tropical weather off the African continent.
However, Seychelles is not only about giant tortoises, the sea, turquoise blue pristine waters, sandy and rocky beaches, and beautiful coral reefs below the waters, it is a place to get lost in the culture and essence of the 100,000 or so people on this beautiful island nation.

As 65 tourism trade and media partners from around the world hosted by Seychelles’ tourism board would find out, there is more to Seychelles than the sea and beaches. It is a nation of many cultures exuded through a warm and welcoming populace providing different experiences for the visitor.


This was emphasized by Sherin Francis, Principal Secretary of Tourism Seychelles when she led a team of officials from Tourism Seychelles to welcome the 65 guests to the archipelago nation for a three-day Mega Familiarization Trip.
“For those of you who have been here seven years, I know somebody who just told me seven years ago he was here, probably you did not get to experience this. But today, with, focus on product diversification, having more cultural experiences, we have also, encouraging our visitors to make time to discover more of the Seychellois culture,” she said.

“The gastronomy, arts, dance, crafts, artisan, all this today are on offer, and you are able to experience and immerse yourself in more cultural experiences, activities, entertainment in general.”
Highlighting on the range of accommodation offering, the Principal Secretary said, ‘’You would know we have a wide range of accommodation in Seychelles. We have beautiful resorts like this one, the Constance Ephelia, but we also have homegrown properties, self-catering apartments and guest said houses. We want them to provide exceptional services, we want their products to be of higher standards, so that they can attract better kinds of visitors that will benefit the whole destination at the end of the day.

She said the kind of visitors Seychelles is targeting to attract are those that would give high value, such as visitors who “will want to go out and discover, and go out and do an excursion, go to a hiking, experience a cultural product, living more than just, the waste that it would probably produce like we all do when we travel and also lower impact.’’

Dubbed the “Mega Familiarization Trip”, the inaugural hosting by the department responsible for tourism in Seychelles, Tourism Seychelles, invited these trade and media partners from over 15 markets from all six continents and hosted them from 29th November to 2nd December 2023.

On his part, the Seychelles Minister for Foreign Affairs and Tourism, Loius Sylvester Radegonde Said they would have to diversify their tourism products to entice tourists from new source markets to visit Seychelles.

img 20231207 wa00423451451781515841716

“Over here we need to continue to diversify the range of products we have, continue to raise our level of services, continue to give that value for money. So basically, that’s going to continue to be the work for next year,” the Minister said.
Minister Radegonde said this during an interview with the media at a special Creole Rendezvous night at the Cap Lazare Nature Reserve at Mahe during the hosting of 65 trade and media partners to a familiarization tour of Seychelles.
Mr. Radegonde also noted that his ministry and the tourism board need to work on the perception that Seychelles is an expensive destination. “We need to work on the perception that people have of Seychelles out there. When you talk to somebody, they perceive Seychelles to be a 5-star destination beyond the needs of the ordinary person, it is not true, he said. “We have a range of accommodation, 5-star plus, but also small guest houses which we are pushing.” He said there are over 700 of these small hotels and guest houses across the archipelago.

img 20231207 wa00322878553650328727995

“This has been my focus since I was appointed 3 years ago. Since my appointment, I have visited over 300 of these small hotels because I want to see what the challenges are, see how we can improve. It is not for them to compete with the 5-star hotels, absolutely not, because they offer a different category of services and we want them to benefit from the tourism industry,” he noted.
The meticulously curated itinerary for the hosting was designed to enhance every moment of their journey across the 115-island archipelago nation. This includes a three-night stay at the 5-star Constance Ephelia Resort, experience on Silhouette Island by Hilton Labriz, rum tasting, snorkeling, fishing, boat rides, sundowners, heritage experience at Mission Lodge, city tour of Victoria, market experience at Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market, lunch experience at Marie Antoinette and a special Creole Rendezvous night at Cap Lazare Nature Reserve.

“The primary goal of this marketing endeavour is to provide travel agencies with firsthand experiences and comprehensive information about our destination, enabling them to more effectively market and promote it to their clients,” said Bernadette Willemin, Director General of Destination Marketing at Tourism Seychelles.

She added at the official welcome event at the Cyann Restaurant at the Constance Ephelia Resort at Mahe that “this familiarization trip is intended to showcase aspects of intellectual discoveries, cultural discoveries, which our destination has to offer. It is not just a trip. It is an immersive experience designed to deepen your understanding of our unique offerings.”
Tourism Seychelles spared no expense to give its guests the most wonderful experience as it hosted them to some of the best things the nation has on offer from accommodation, to tour packages, gastronomy, drinks and beverages and local Seychellois cultural experiences. Thus, while it provided an opportunity for networking by the guests, the Fam Trip also showcased the breathtaking beauty and sleuth of attractions that Seychelles has to offer those who wish to visit.

img 20231207 wa00397591161210645562335

The Mega Fam Trip hosting got substantial backing from local partners, such as Constance Hotels & Resorts, Constance Ephelia Resorts, Hilton Seychelles, and Laïla, Seychelles, Creole Travel Services, Masons Travels, 7 Degree South, Summer Rain Tours among others.

img 20231207 wa00389077971250805166438

These concerted efforts to build partnerships with travel agencies and media outlets within and outside reflects Seychelles’ comprehensive approach to destination marketing. The success of this hosting and other initiatives would help Seychelles’ ambition to position itself prominently among the world’s premier island destinations aiming at attracting high value visitors to boost their tourism drive.

img 20231207 wa00431746280689946067381

Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, off East Africa. It’s home to numerous beaches, coral reefs and nature reserves, as well as rare animals such as giant Aldabra tortoises. Mahé, a hub for visiting the other islands, it is home to capital Victoria. It also has the mountain rainforests of Morne Seychellois National Park and beaches, including Beau Vallon and Anse Takamaka.
Tourism is the topmost contributor to the economy of Seychelles, an archipelago in the Indian Ocean.

img 20231207 wa00373046890347665066974

According to the World Bank, Seychelles has a population of 107,000 inhabitants, three-quarters of whom live on the main island of Mahé and it has the highest gross domestic product (GDP) per capita in Africa, at $ 15.8 billion (2022). Its economy is highly dependent on tourism and fisheries.

img 20231207 wa00344050759501223421782

The Mega Fam Trip had representatives selected from 46 travel agencies and 19 press partners across the world. The participants came from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria, Scandinavia, the Americas, the Middle East, China, Japan, India, Saudi Arabia, and countries from the Indian Ocean, and Africa.

img 20231207 wa00456686894044788438236

By Francis Doku

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Shopping For Emerald, Asscher, And Marquise Cut Diamonds Online



Screenshot 2023 12 07 at 17.54.54

One question that can stump customers searching for diamonds online regards the cut. While round-cut diamonds are timeless, there are lots of other options. Emerald, Asscher, and Marquise diamonds all look great in diamond rings. But it helps to know the difference and what to look out for when choosing the best.

Anyone looking to shop Emerald cut diamonds needs to be sure they aren’t actually after the sparkler Asscher cut. There is also the option to shop Marquise cut diamonds online for a whole other look, but what color and what kind of diamond?

Emerald Cut Diamonds for Boldness and Clarity

Emerald-cut diamonds make a big statement, especially when designing an engagement ring. These stones are characterized by their simple lines and clean look, with a strong rectangular shape. Often designers use the stone on its own on a thin band for enhanced visual impact.

 When choosing the best marketplace to Shop Emerald cut diamonds online, it pays for consumers to consider the clarity of the stone. There is a broad scale from included to flawless diamonds. I1 toI3 included diamonds will look too blemished for this cut. A VVS1 or VVS2 stone with imperceptible inclusions is much better. There are flawless diamonds at the high end of the scale, but they look much like the VVS1 stones to the naked eye.

Asscher Cut Diamonds for Extra Sparkle

There are similarities between the Asscher and Emerald cut diamonds because of their angular shape. However, buyers appreciate the Asscher cut for the step-cut design that allows for extra sparkle on an engagement ring. Search and buy Asscher cut diamonds online will shine brilliantly from any angle. Still, consumers need to be sure of getting something with the right color to enhance the look.

As with clarity, there is another scale for color. Anything from D-F is colorless while S-Z has a light color. This could be a yellow or cooler tone. While some feel that colored diamonds are a sign of poor quality, that isn’t the case at all. It is possible to find highly-valuable stones in a range of tones. The unique nature of the gem also allows for interesting personalized jewelry.


Marquise Cut Diamonds for Elegance and Quality

Then there are sleek oval-shaped Marquise diamonds for a completely different effect. This a great when couples want an eye-catching feminine stone that isn’t a typical round diamond. This is another way to ensure maximum sparkle.

Another consideration when Shop Marquise Cut Diamonds online is whether or not to go for lab-grown or natural diamonds. Natural diamonds are great for those that want the inclusions and fluorescence that you can get with mined stones. It gives them character and can look great on those quirky marquise diamonds. However, there are ethical considerations with mined stones.

The alternative is to go for a more conscientious choice with a lab-grown diamond. Creators simulate natural conditions with no need to exploit the earth or miners. These stones are often much clearer and colorless, which makes them great for those clean-cut emerald diamonds.

Buying Quality Diamonds with Ease from Rare Carat

With so many factors to consider when buying these different diamonds online, it helps to turn to a trusted online marketplace. Rare Carat makes the process really easy for customers with a step-by-step approach. After choosing the desired cut, users can then use the sliders to determine the ideal carat, clarity, and color.

This means the option of a VVS emerald diamond with a D-F color, or maybe a cheaper I3 S-Z marquise for something more unique. The customization options are broad and user-friendly enough that all customers should find what they are looking for. On top of this, all diamonds sold by Rare Carat are GIA-certified based on the 4Cs of diamond quality. The company works with trusted unbiased gemologists to help provide the best quality gems while expertly matching stones to buyers’ preferences. This includes both mined and lab-grown diamonds.

This level of commitment and transparency, in addition to their range of stones and user-friendly platform, counts for consumers. It is why Rare Carat has a 4.9/5 Trustpilot score and is America’s #1 source for diamonds.

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Photos: 4th Ghana Giving Summit held in Accra



WhatsApp Image 2023 12 07 at 3.35.56 PM 1

The fourth Ghana Giving Summit has been held in Accra where leaders of civil society organizations (CSOs) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have underscored the absence of a dedicated policy framework on philanthropy in Ghana. (more…)

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The Natural Frankenstein Monster Called Inflammation



Inflamm 1

What is Inflammation?

Inflammation is a complex biological response that occurs when the body’s immune system detects and responds to harmful stimuli—such as pathogens, damaged cells, or irritants. It is a cardinal part of the body’s defense mechanism and plays a crucial role in fighting infections and promoting healing. When the immune system detects a threat, it produces various molecules; including pro-inflammatory chemicals called cytokines. These cytokines help recruit immune cells to the site of inflammation and initiate the inflammatory response.

Demystifying the complexity of Inflammation

During inflammation, blood vessels in the affected area dilate, allowing more blood flow into the area. This is what causes the redness and warmth. Blood vessel permeability also increases allowing immune cells and fluid to traverse the blood vessels into the tissues causing swelling.

Inflammation also involves the activation of immune cells such as macrophages and neutrophils (these are a type of immune cells; classified as agranulocytes and granulocytes respectively).