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Lynx Entertainment cuts off Asem



Lynx Entertainment has severed ties with one of its most prolific artists, Asem. In a press statement signed by Albert Mensah, General Manager of Lynx Entertainment, based on recent events surrounding Asem, the rapper has been officially dropped from the record label pending further legalities which will be completed by the end of the week.

According to the release, the reasons for the action were as follows: that Lynx Entertainment and Asem have had differences in opinion as to the direction his career should go; For the past few months, Asem has been under a new management and certain decisions taken by the artist and his new management have not represented the general image the record label wishes to portray; and Lynx Entertainment also feels that keeping Asem on the label could limit him from pushing his career in the direction that he sees fit.

According to Albert Mensah, the termination procedure is being done amicably, and henceforth Lynx Entertainment will no longer represent Asem as an artist.