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Maccasio and Mc Dementor team up to pull one of the biggest crowds for a paid show in Africa



Popular Tamale rapper Macassio and Colombian rapper Mc Dementor teamed up to make what os being described as history on March 31 at the Aliu Mahama sports stadium in Tamale with over 70,000 people attending the concert. This is a very unusual number in attendance since the concert was a paid for concert. In this side of the world where these kind of numbers only occur at free concerts it’s quite amazing how these two artist managed to pull such crowd even though macassio is already known for pulling crowd in his hometown Tamale. In an interview with macassio, the young rapper said he was amazed at the attendance and although he was expecting high number in attendance when he put Mc dementor on board but he couldn’t believe his eyes seeing over 70,000 people at the concert. “I’ve done 30000 ppl before but 75000 was amazing and the first time ever to happen in Ghana and Africa.” Hours Before the historic concert, macassio together with a crowd of over 30,000 people welcomed Mc Dementor to Tamale and took him round to show him the city and also introduce mc dementor to the chief. Mc Dementor becomes the first and only Colombian and South American artist to pull such crowd on a concert in any African country. At the concert Macassio and Mc Dementor wowed the crowd with great chemistry as they performed together and delivered powerful and motivational speech to the people of northern. ]]>

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