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Mafando bites the dust on The Challenge, who is next to get the boot?



The ‘challengers’ after performing their first charity task were not given ample time to enjoy the fruits of their labour but whisked into the boardroom to face the board members Mr Albert Ocran and Abena Amoah. Each group was to defend why they chose that particular charity and share with them their weaknesses and strengths. The group Kindhearts had Prince, Selase, Sharon, Hackman, Florence and Samuel chose the New Life Orphanage International and provided them with student’s bed, ceiling fans and other necessities seemed to have impressed the board members with their task and were free from eviction. The other group Smiles 6 co Smiles 6 made up of Mafando, Afua, Asante, Samaad, Emmanuel and Felix chose the Junior Girl’s Correctional Centre and renovated the kitchen which also serves as an educational centre failed to impress the board members and found themselves in the hot seat of eviction. At the end of the eviction process, Mafando was the first to be evicted amidst tears from his group members. After the first emotional eviction it was back to work for the remaining eleven challengers, who were taken through what is called smart brain quiz which was to test their in depth knowledge on science topics, entertainment, soccer, geography, mathematics, politics and other interesting areas of study; the quiz master was the producer of the competition George Quaye. Each challenger was given 180 seconds to complete a set of questions he or she had chosen. Those who were lucky enough to have completed their questions in no time were given the opportunity to answer the questions they passed. At the end of the smart brain quiz it was so clear that the challenger with the smart brain was Hackman who had the highest score and was adjudged the winner for the smart brain quiz. Catch the eviction shows every Wednesday on GHone entertainment television at 7:30pm and on Sundays at 3:30pm and also on GTV every Sunday at 9:30pm. Viewers are also to text the names of their favorite challenger to short code 6012 to ensure their progress in the competition.]]>

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