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Make The Right Choice: PDFBear’s Best Features That You Wished You Knew



Making the right choice is very crucial, especially if you’re dealing with your PDF. With one wrong move or choice on picking the right PDF site, you will lose important information that you work for many days or worse; you might end up leaking essential information about your company or your own business. This is why you really need to check out PDFBear.

Compress PDF

If it’s your problem right now is to compress PDF big size documents of files, fear not, since PDFBear has the right tool or feature that will help you shrink your PDF files in order for you to transfer it to other devices quickly. One big problem with PDF files is that when the file size is too big, chances are, you’ll have a problem sending your PDF via email.


PDFBear offers a very convenient feature wherein you can just upload your PDF to its system, and PDFBear will reduce the file size for you. To do that, go directly to Compress PDF, which can be found easily on the front page of PDFBear. PDFBear made its interface very easy to use, or in other words, it’s very user-friendly for you even though it’s your first time.


PDFBear also offers a convenient way for you to download your PDF back to your personal computer or whatever device you want to save your file. That’s because PDFBear is highly optimized to run on different operating systems such as Linux, Windows by Microsoft, Mac, iOS, and Android. You heard it correctly; you can use your mobile device with PDFBear.

Protect PDF

This feature from PDFBear called Protect PDF is one of the most underrated features of PDFBear that you wished you knew long ago. What it does is that you can add a secure password or code to your PDF so that your file will not be opened by other people that aren’t authorized. It works quite simple, actually, but you rest assured that your file is safe.


Just like other tools that PDFBear has on its website right now, you can make use of Protect PDF by accessing from the main page of PDFBear, and from there, upload the PDF that you want to be protected. It’s very uncomplicated to do; PDFBear added some instructions or steps for you to follow. After following those steps, your file will be 100% anti-theft proof.


The Protect PDF feature is not new to other PDF sites, although they don’t have the same quality that PDFBear provides to its clients, making PDFBear so far to be the best PDF tool. Another fantastic thing about PDFbear is that you can access every single feature that it has on its site without spending a dollar, which means PDFBear’s service is all for free.

Repair PDF

Do you need to recover or repair your PDF? If yes, PDFBear has something special for you. It’s called Repair PDF, and what it does is that it will help you recover your file or PDF back to its original form. The Repair PDF is an essential tool that you need to know, mainly if your file contains vital information or data that will cost you your study or job.


If you haven’t tried it yet using PDFBear, doing the Repair PDF is relatively straightforward. Just click on Repair PDF, and once you’re inside the tool, you can only upload the PDF that needs to be recovered or repaired. PDFBear also adds some simple instructions or steps that you can easily follow.


Just a disclaimer, even though PDFBear’s Repair PDF is one of the best tools in its class right now, there is still no guarantee that your PDF will be saved. That will depend on the level of damage that it has. Also, just a piece of advice for you not to have any kind of problem, you can try having a back-up or copy of your PDF instead to have an extra if the worst comes.

Unlock PDF

Since you already know that PDFBear has the option or feature to add a password on your PDF to secure your essential information inside it. Protecting your important data or information on your PDF is the right decision, but if you think that you already need to remove the password on your file, PDFBear can help you with that.


Using Unlock PDF, you will remove any password that you added to your file or PDF. To do that, you can upload the particular PDF to PDFBear’s Unlock PDF tool and type the code that you added; PDFBer will do the rest for you. Once the process is completed, your file will be password-free, and it will be easier for other people to check or open your file without having the trouble of encoding the password.


Another fantastic thing about PDFbear is that you don’t need to download any application to do this type of process. You can access every single feature or tool of PDFBear on your web browser and do everything there, which offers less hassle and provides more convenience for you and other clients.


Dealing with your PDF will never be the same anymore, mainly because you already know some of the useful features you can get from PDFBear. PDFbear still has more tools to use for your PDF, such as converting PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and vice versa. If you’re looking for the best PDF site in the market right now, PDFBear is there for you.