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Malnire Foundation outlines reading outreach programme for 2018



Reading has become one of the major skills lacked by pupils in the primary school. A study published in 2015 by the Ghana Education Service, RTI International and USAID on reading assessment for primary 2 pupils across 738 public schools in Ghana indicated that “a large gap in the children’s ability to read with comprehension, showing a pressing need for extra support in the area of literacy.” In view of this, the Malnire Foundation, in collaboration with Mrs. Yayra Tay Thomsen, run an annual Reading Outreach Programme focused on providing young pupils with books and teaching them essential reading skills. The programme is focused on schools in deprived communities across Ghana who do not have access to books to read. The aim of the Reading Outreach Programme this year is to organise two reading camps for two different schools/communities. The reading programme aims to provide at least 200 pupils with free books, stationery, snacks and teach them reading skills in the months of July and August 2018. The team is therefore using an online crowdfunding platform to raise funds to be able to provide a significant number of books to over 200 pupils this year. Yayra Tay Thomsen, co-founder of the project commented: “As a student teacher in Denmark, I get disappointed every year when I go back home to Ghana on a volunteer tip and find the educational standards lower and lower each year. Since 2017, I have been running an educational camp for pupils between grades 1-9 in English (and hopefully Maths this year). I am hoping I can count on my network (and yours) to raise money for stationery, books and refreshments for a minimum of 200 pupils over a period of 8 weeks. Link to the crowdfunding platform is 2018 Alternatively, donations can also be sent via Mobile money to MTN : +233 55 012 5266 Any enquiries can be sent to or whatsapp on +233 20 340 1902