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The highly anticipated African clothing brand Manché, with the global vision to re-brand Africa , has officially launched with the release of its Kickstarter page and video to the public today, October 2nd 2012.  Looking to raise $12,000.00 by November 1st 2012 to start production of its multi line brand encompassing men and women’s clothing, accessories and jewelry; Manché hopes to gain supporters with its’ positive messages of leadership, discovery, unity and a love for Africa. Founded by Peter Yobo, Nick Frimpong, and Pichon Duplan in 2011, each came to the United States from Ghana to pursue higher education and professional opportunities.  Achieving in high schools, the top universities and then professionally in financial fields-never forgetting their roots, and embodying a strong sense of African pride-they could not help but be alarmed by the inconsistencies between the Africa represented in America and the Africa they knew and loved.  Armed with a goal to not only re-brand Africa, but infuse individuals with the same passion, work ethic and sense of pride in their African heritage that they used as a driving force to achieve success in their lives… Manché was born. The word Manché is taken from the Ghanaian language “GA” which means “King.” In today’s world,  “king” has come to be associated with “monarchy”, “conquest”, and “division”. The opposite of what Manché stands for, the brand instead looks to the guidance of world leaders and teachers like Nelson Mandela, Shaka Zulu and Kwame Nkrumah. Each believed that the more human beings expanded their horizons and educated each other about the history of the world’s societies; the greater opportunity for humans to see commonalities instead of differences.

   Therefore, by bringing technology and fashion together, Manché hopes to break down stereotypes and re-educate the public on what it means to be African. Each Manché T-shirt has culturally and historically relevant African designs that are artistically displayed on each piece of clothing along with QR barcodes. When the QR barcodes are scanned, individuals are led to the Manché website where full descriptions on the meanings and historical relevance behind each of the designs can be found. Allowing consumers the option to engage with Manché Clothing on a deeper level, to learn more about Africa and it’s people. A new way to break down “age-old” stereotypes surrounding Africa and its people-in a fashionable and engaging way- Manché Clothing is ready to fulfill its core values of -Leadership, Discovery, Unity and Love.

  A unifying brand, Manché believes it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from; if you believe that love, power and knowledge can lay the foundation for a more unified world, you should join them in their quest to re-brand Africa and unify the African identity by pledging on their Kickstarter page.  ]]>

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