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Mark Ewusi Arkoh To Contest PNC National Youth Organizer Position



Mark Ewusi Arkoh has declared his intention to contest the National Youth Organizer position of Peoples National Convention (PNC)

Mark Ewusi Arkoh who is currently the Deputy National Organiser of the party, believes going for the National Youth Organizer position is resounding and has more root to the people.

“This is my second time of contesting for this position, and I admire the support and assistance my supporters gave to me in the last elections; my able comrades within the mainstream and without. Having gone through diverse youth training programs, I have enriched my skills, competence, abilities and experience on youth leadership,” he said.

Writing officially to the party of his intention, Mark Ewusi indicated that he would impart the acquired knowledge and capacity onto his comrades within the party should he be elected the National Youth Organizer.

He said: “I would work with the regions to develop, sharpen and maintain the strong tradition of our party through organizing intellectual programs, expanding the membership of the youth wing is equally vital for me and the party. We don’t need a political novice to occupy such a critical position.”

He also appealed to all delegates to vote for massively for him to become the National Youth Organizer so that together, they build the great party.

“I humbly appeal to all delegates to vote for Mark Ewusi Arkoh this time as your National Youth Organizer.Together, we build this Great Party in Service with Honesty as our motto connotes.I will present my “FIVE POINT PLAN” to help build a better PNC as the days go by,” he said.



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