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Masantewaa Emporium opens showroom for creative beaded accessories in Accra



For almost a decade, Abigail Botchway has created an enviable benchmark with her beading products and services.

She recently opened the Masantewaa Emporium Showroom in Old Ofankor, Accra. The Masantewaa Emporium brands are microscopically crafted hand-made quality and innovative pieces of art fashion accessories with beads.


The showroom highlights the outstanding product design and trendsetting meticulously hand-woven beaded.


The beads used by Masantewa Emporium come in different types, sizes, materials and colours. They are made of wood, shell, plastic, ceramics, metal and even bones.


The creative pieces available for purchase include bags, fashionable necklaces, earrings, phone cases, key rings, bangles, tissues boxes, waist beads, serving trays, table mats, tiara’s, fascinators, handbags, purses, clutch, wedding and other fashionable sophisticated jewelry and other fashion accessories.


Masantewa also embellishes beads onto fabric and leather bags, jackets, tops, brooches, pendants, purses belts, hats and even shoes.


Masantewa Emporium has infused vintage and new trends with an Africa touch in developing products that appeal to different demographics hence its high pre-order levels.


Masantewaa Emporium is located on the Ofankor Old Barrier – Accra, off the Atta Mills Road. Phone Number  (+233) 55-6626758, (+233) 50-9738655.




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