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Mayekoo launches sweepstakes platform to fundraise for impoverished communities in Africa



There is a new way for developing nations to help provide the essential services their citizens desperately need. From education to healthcare to environmental sustainability related issues, Mayekoo is fundraising on behalf of underserved communities to provide the core services necessary to help eradicate poverty and foster opportunity. And they’re adding an element of excitement for donors–the chance to win cars, cash and other extraordinary prizes for their generosity.


Mayekoo has engineered a simple and innovative platform where anyone in Africa can learn about the various projects and associated prizes, support the projects directly, and be entered into the sweepstakes to win.



“Our focus was on how we can raise the most money and make the most impact in these underserved communities. And we felt that creating a sweepstakes environment with big-ticket prizes would exponentially increase both the frequency and size of the contributions”, says Mayekoo Founder, Michel Reynolds. “In the end, all the communities win big and so will many of our donors”.

Mayekoo is beginning its efforts throughout Ghana and is working directly with communities there to identify and organize efforts to implement these essential projects. “A critical aspect of what we do also pertains to how we do it”, says co-founder Erik Anderson. “One of the biggest challenges historically with projects like these in developing nations is the executional logistics. Mayekoo is working directly with the institutional and organizational beneficiaries, and we’re planning, overseeing and implementing each project and ensuring that all donations are used efficiently and effectively”.


Mayekoo kicked off its efforts with a restoration and sustainability initiative at Labadi Beach in Accra, Ghana. The inaugural project resulted in 16 truckloads of trash being removed from the shores with more improvements to come. Mayekoo has set up sweepstakes to support the ongoing Labadi cleanup and a number of other essential projects in Ghana, as well. They include renovating an NICU and maternity ward, renovating two dilapidated schools and establishing a mobile, essential-services program to bring core health services directly to communities with transportation-related challenges.



Mayekoo will continue to add more projects and more prizes every week and they have bright


plans for the future. “We are starting in Ghana because that is where many of us are from, says Reynolds. “But our mission isn’t just to help eradicate poverty in Ghana. It’s to help eradicate global poverty. It’s a monumental task, but we’re up for the challenge. And we’re taking it one community at a time”.


To learn about Mayekoo’s projects, prizes and more, visit or on social media @mayekoo_impact.

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