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Mayvenn – The Ultimate Hair Bundles Buying Guide



If you want to get into the wig-wearing world, then you need to learn about different parts of the wig. For example, you need to learn about hair bundles, which are groups of hair that you sew together to form wigs. If you don’t know which hair bundles to purchase, or what you need to consider, then check out this guide to help you.


The Right Number of Bundles

When you buy hair bundles, you need to figure out how many you need for your wig. Keep in mind that this depends on the type that you buy, so make sure to do some research before you purchase any bundles. However, three bundles work if you want to cover the entire wig, so make sure that you get at least three bundles.

Sometimes, you need more bundles for larger wigs, so you should get in contact with the provider to see how many you will need. Keep in mind that bundles will vary in size, depending on where you buy them from, so always double-check that you have enough bundles to cover the entire wig. This way, you can make it look as natural as possible.

Choosing Color

Wigs allow you to choose from a variety of colors, so keep your style in mind as you purchase bundles. Bundles are intended to create a full, natural hair look and you can purchase virtually any color (be careful when ordering trendy colors like pink or purple – you don’t want to look like a costume so watch that the hair is dyed human hair and not synthetic). If you want a very natural look try bundles that have a darker root or have been colored in a balayage style with color gradients. If it is your first time purchasing hair online ask for help! A site selling human wigs, extension and hair bundles should have a professional stylist available to help you make the right purchase.


Make sure to consider your own look and style when you decide on a specific color. Pick one that you will feel happy with so that you will want to wear the wig on a regular basis. Choose the color that will best suit your style and will be flattering on you.

Considering Texture

Don’t shy away from natural hair textures. Hair bundles for a weave in style are meant to carry you through several days, or a special occasion. The style of wig and bundles you choose should be one you want to wear longer term. Natural human hair bundles are available in various textures from straight, to microkink and every style of wave from loose to ultra deep. Take the time and research how bundles are used so you know the length you will need, this can be tricky so best to watch some videos and follow a few Instagram wig stylists so you have a good understanding of how much length you will need to create your signature style.

Keep in mind that you will want to keep the texture consistent throughout the wig. This means that you should be confident to purchase the right bundles so you do not have to order more after the fact – there is less of a chance the bundles will match exactly when not ordered together. Work with a professional stylist to find out everything about your hair – ask if you can style with heat or if there are any special instructions for washing and maintaining so you don’t accidentally ruin your wig.


As you pick out your wig, you will need to consider the color and texture for the hair that you want to purchase. This will allow you to pick out the exact look and style that you want from the wigs that you plan to purchase. If you use this guide to get you started and do as much research on styles, type of hair and professional installation as possible you will be ready to choose a beautiful, long term and easy to maintain new styles that will always look great!