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Mc Dementor & DJ Decordha release new album titled REINCARNATION



African-Latin duo Mc Dementor & DJ Decordha on the night of December 21st 2019 released their album titled REINCARNATION: SEPERATED BY DEATH REUNITED BY MUSIC.

The event which took place at the GENTLEMAN’S club at Sekondi, European Town saw both patrons and fans from different countries present. The event Begun at 8pm and went through with an after party that ended at 2 am. Activities at the event included performances from the duo as well as well as salsa dance competition etc.

Ticket went out for 100 cedis which allowed entry to the event, a customized flash drive containing the 15 track album, and other merchandise. With lots of free food and drinks available, the event turned into a party for the audience present, who were mostly foreigners.

At the event Mc Dementor and Decordha announced that the album would only be available on pen drives and CDs at the moment as they want to sell physical units first before making it available online. “The online release would in January 2020, but for now lets all buy the physical units first” they said. The album is available at all music retail shops around the country. Mc Dementor and DJ Decordha will be hosting a similar album release event on the 16th of January in Bogota, Colombia.