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Medikal says he's not the one Sakawa victim was referring to in video



Medikal Medikal[/caption] Ghanaian rapper Medikal, was in the news over the weekend after a white man in a video circulating on social media alleged that someone by the name “Medikal” tried to use juju on him but it didn’t work. Medikal has come out to refute the allegations saying it’s not him. In the said video, the man is heard saying that “Medikal” should find a new victim who will fall for the “juju” so he  can send him enough money to buy the G-wagon he wants and live the life of of his dreams. The “Ayekoo” rapper told Andy Dosty in an interview on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM today that he was not the one the man in the video was referring to. “I don’t know anything about that…its nothing to do with me,” he responded. The rapper also said that he didn’t care about getting to the bottom of the issue to clear his name. “I don’t care…it’s not true.” He added that even if he was to such a thing, he wouldn’t be dumb enough to use his real name. He also clarified that the men mentioned “RC Medikal and not “Medikal” “I don’t know this person…the name he mentioned is RC Medikal [Medical]…which is not me,” he said. Watch interview below:]]>

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