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Meet fine arts talent, Kendall Nkrumah!!!



kendall NkrumahEncouraged by an artistic environment,Kendall Nkrumah’s early ability was inspired by relatives who painted, sculpted and designed attention grabbing artwork. His love for art was manifest early in his life as he started drawing at a tender age- doodling and painting on any substrate he could lay his hands on, often incurring the wrath of his siblings who couldnt understand why he chose their books as his canvas. At the Junior High School Level,technical skills and technical drawing were his favorite courses, as those subjects afforded him the opportunity to stimulate his imagination as well as improve upon his strokes. Most times, he would hastily finish up his work and assist his classmates. In 1995, Kendall enrolled at the prestigious Mfantsipim School  to pursue a formal education in the Visual Arts. At the time, courses in fine art were perceived to be the preserve of “weaker” students who could not make it into the science-based courses. irrespective of these negative connotations, Kendall remained resolute and rather took advantage of the excellent tutelage and continued honing his talent in fine art. Kendall’s formal education in the field was  furthered at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi where he studied Publishing Studies, majoring in Design and illustration.Under the watch of the late Mr. Pupulampo and Mr. Reuben Glover, he developed an eye for detail, a valuable asset in design and illustration. After substantial work in Oils, Pastels and Watercolour, Kendall began his journey with drawings in Pencil and Charcoal. With time, Kendall developed further and identified charcoal as his “weapon” of choice. After a number of portraits done for family, friends and some private collectors,the  ‘FINESTROKES’ brand was born in September 2007. The main objective of this brand is to create a niche in portrait art done in charcoal. The name he coined from Kendall’s style of rendering works-  “fine” portrays the degree of quality of his work, whilst   “strokes” connotes the predominant motion with which his works are created. kendall nkrumah prefers his works to have a lot of mood and character. His keen sense of observation, attention to detail, patience and skill afford his  works a feel of verve and vigour. kendall owes his talent to God who he believes has the final say in whichever direction his life takes.]]>

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