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Meet GH Hunk for February,Terrence Kwapong (Terrence Sero)…Fall in Love



Meet 23-year- old Terrence Kwapong (Terrence Sero), our GH Hunk for February. He grew up in Accra, Kanda Estate and studied Art at NIFA SHS. He is currently into the fitness business, offering a variety of services, which include personal training and workout plans for clients. The year is still young and for Terrence, February represents a time to ignore all the negative circumstances, and moving along with the positive vibes. The month is a symbol of a new page in his life, which also gives him the urge to make new things to better his life. Stats Height: 5″11 Weight: 76kg Chest 42 Waist 31. Relationship Status In a relationship My Ambitions To further my education, and to make my mum proud. I also want to have a happy family in future. What makes me sexy? My definition of sexy is for one to be attractive, interesting, have confidence and be intelligent. My brawny body, skin tone and good dress-sense makes me sexy. How I stay sexy Eat healthy Drink a lot of water Dress good Take vitamins Exercise And smile often My ideal sexy woman She should be “thick” not “fat”, and pretty. She should have good dressing sense and also she should be smart and intelligent. A day in my life Usually I wake up at 5am, go to the gym before going to meet clients and offer them personal training in there various homes. The rest of the day sees me having good time with my family and ‘brothers’ known as ‘The Spartanz’. My training regimen I have a good structured workout routine. I follow every training day with my training buddies. My diet Nutrition is key, so I try my best to eat well and healthy everyday to help me reach my fitness goals. Funniest social media comment ever about my body  The funniest thing I ever heard on Facebook was when a friend left a comment saying “On judgment day, God will ask me if I came into the world with a hulky body. And if I reply no then I’m going straight to hell”. Must-have trends Trendiest fashion accessories for me are sunglasses, bracelets etc. Casual or formal? Both formal and casual Leather or metallic watch? Leather Shoes or flip-flops? Shoes Shaving or waxing? Shaving Tattoo or piercing? No tattoo, no piercing African print or Western clothing? Both African print and Western clothing. Favourite colour Sea blue   Favourite perfume Bvlgari Aqva Favourite food Banku with okro stew Suits or African wear? Both suits and African wear Boxer shorts or briefs? Boxers Cufflinks or buttons? Buttons Tie or no –tie? No tie Roll-on deodorant or spray? Spray Razor or shaving machine? Shaving machine Beer of Vodka I don’t drink alcohol Condom or raw? Condom Meet GH Hunk for January, Calyx Cruise…New Beginnings Skinny jeans or baggy? Skinny jeans Tucked in or sagging? Tucked in Cocoa butter or Vaseline? Vaseline Beads or chains? Both beads and chain Nude photo shoot or covered up? Covered up, I can show other body parts except genitals Favourite colour of cloths? Sea blue and ash Credits:

Creative Director : @iamasephua
Photography @vineimagery


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