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Meet the man responsible for bleaching half of Nigeria’s population

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Meet the man responsible for bleaching half of Nigeria’s population

A survey showing top African countries whose women undergo skin bleaching recently went viral, putting Nigeria on top of the list with at least 77% of women in the country bleaching!–While this may seem like an extremely high number, it might as well be true if we look around us. People with darker skin, from the west and from the south, are all turning to treatments that help them bleach their darker complexions with the help of bleaching treatments. Something that’s becoming more common in countries located all around the world.-

Nigerian cosmetologist, Pela Tonye Okiemutie, ‘the bleaching expert’, could probably compete with TB Joshua when it comes to the world or miracles. His cosmetological miracles include his own personal journey through bleaching, as well as helping many Nigerians and indeed people around the world realize the dreams of having a lighter skin tone.

The business of whitening lotion is a multi-million dollar business which some businessmen have already built an empire around.  Pela is not an exception; he has been reported to own a multi-million-naira mansion in Lagos. His Pels International Skincare business include products as well as a spa, where clients can get personal pampering.

Although Pela doesn’t like to disclose his clients rumor has it that his clients include Tonto Dikeh, Denrele and a host of others that he give shout outs to occasional on his social media pages.

In an interview with Encomium Magazine some years back, Pela insisted that his products are not harmful to the skin of his clients.  He said: “We do our creams with herbs and fruits for brightening and maintenance.  We have whitening creams, lightening and maintenance cream for a naturally fair person. We have caramel for dark people who want to glow and do not want to bleach their skin.  We have pink lip treatment.  We also handle bump control for men and some other personal women products.

He insists his products are premium and do not have the negative impact of bleaching with bad products.

“Gone are those days when people used bad products like hydroquinone and other forms of chemicals that cause damage to the skin.  We use advanced products.  We learnt how to use herbs and the fruits we consume on the skin.  We’ve discovered some other products like Gluthatione.  They are pills that are medically good and needed for the body, which has its side effect as lightening the skin.  So, it is not a bad side effect,  Gluthatione kills and reduces cancer.  It kills kidney problem, lungs problem.  It reduces high blood pressure. It’s anti-aging, clears spots and pimples from your face and body.  It is more of a healthy medication with its side effect as whitening,” Pela claims.


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Ameyaw Kissi Debrah, known professionally as Ameyaw Debrah, is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance journalist, and reporter.

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