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Meet Niku X, The New Upscale Yakiniku Restaurant and Sister to The ‘The X Pot’



Niku X is bringing a new kind of Japanese cuisine to Downtown Los Angeles this Fall. Nestled inside of the Wilshire Grand Center and adjacent to the Intercontinental Los Angeles Downtown Hotel, Niku X offers an exceptional dining experience. It is memorable, intimate, elegant, and gratifies the senses.

Michelin-starred chef, Shin Thompson and his team invite guests to experience a selection of specialty wagyu, artisanal produce and rare ‘farm to table’ ingredients. The intricate process and preparation is what makes Niku X the “it” member of the foodscape.

Niku X aims to share a piece of Japanese history, one course at a time. Their curated tasting menu is a testament to Niku X’s culinary mastery. Shin’s collaboration with Chubby Cattle International marks a moment in Japanese cuisine where the experience transcends past ambiance and service.

Founders Haibin Yang and David Zhao are the coveted names behind Chubby Cattle International, the group that represents multiple restaurants, including The X Pot. As one of the most successful restaurant groups in the hospitality industry, their continued success is a result of their innovative dining experiences by recomposing age-old recipes with a modern influence.


“The goal for Niku X is the perfect blend between modern and traditional, with the use of artisanal elements,” says Zhao.

Executive chef, Shin Thompson, adds, “We are mindful of who we source our ingredients from. We consider all facets and have built trusted relationships with our farmers. The bottom line is encapsulating presentation, tradition and optimal taste. It isn’t enough to simply serve a course but to also explain how it translates to Japanese culture and why it’s important.”

As guests enter the Sukiya-style space, they can expect to be inspired by Shokunin. Niku X’s custom dry-agers will live-stream the slow, tender process of preparing its tender meat. Guests who opt for an upgraded dining experience will find their wagyu presented in its own glass box, with a certificate of authentication. Niku X bridges ‘traditional and modern’ with expert culinary excellence.

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