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Meet the 7 Ghanaian Finalists For Bacardi RUM DAY Contest!



Meet the 7 Ghanaian Finalists For Bacardi RUM DAY Contest!

Bacardi Ghana after receiving countless entries from Ghanaian mixologists for the RUM DAY Contest in partnership with Marina Market has finally shortlisted 7 Finalists, of which includes “A WILD CARD” to compete at the final stage of the contest in February. (Date shall be communicated).

The entry was opened to all bartenders operating in Ghana as finalists were carefully reviewed per application and shortlisted.

Interested bartenders/mixologists as part of the entry criteria were tasked to post a 60secs Video or Reels on their personal Instagram pages, making a twist of RUM-based classic cocktail using any variety of Bacardi Rum.

This qualifies them for entry.


Meet the 7 Finalists and the entry task they presented for the Bacardi RUM DAY Contest entry below.

1. Napoleon Forson

Napoleon Forson


The Daiquiri seems to have traveled back to America with US Admiral Lucius Johnson, who fought in the Spanish-American war of 1898. He introduced the drink to the Army & Navy Club in Washington DC and a plaque in their Daiquiri Lounge records his place in cocktail History.

Palm heights Daiquiri 🌴☀️🌊 This is my go-to recipe when making a twerk on this how easy it is to make, and I’ll keep trying to get the word out about how great it is since everyone should try it at least once.


Given the fruitiness, and delicate acidity of my homemade liqueur infused with local red chili, I found that it paired beautifully with ingredients found in a Daiquiri.  For my take, I kept Bacardi Ochos ‘a refined and crafted sipping rum for the mature palate, this has a rich and complex flavor to be savored also because it’s the core pillar of this drink’s structure. Bacardi Ochos adds a wonderful palate-cleansing taste of nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves, depth, and body which drives home the point that this is a savory cocktail as much as it is refreshing.

All-in-all, it’s a cocktail that I’d happily have more than one of, which is my golden indicator of a good drink. The beauty of it is that it can exist anywhere other than the Caribbean due to its freshness and simplicity.
Using a smoking technique

Bacardi Ochos (8yrs) – 40ml
Fresh lime Juice – 20ml
Homemade syrup (pineapple peels, Prekese, Red chilli, agave,
Liquor) – 20ml


2. Benjamin Amoako

Benjamin Amoako


Fusing culinary with mixology and blending bold flavors inspires me to twist the classic daiquiri with the citrus fruit infusion oils and basing my spirit with Bacardi Carta Oro and pairing with flourless terracotta glazed with flamed Ocho aged Bacardi focusing on the flavor notes of this rich rum elevating my best food pairing.

In this craft is
Bacardi Carta Oro
Bacardi Carta Blanca infused oleo saccharum
Lime juice
Brut Prosecco


3. George Nortey

George Nortey

As we all know Cuba liber is an easy drink to make butch this time around I decided to blend it with Coca-Cola ice cubes and an infused Bacardi oro with vanilla pods and this is how it goes……….

This is my entry cocktail called Cuba libre
Barca di oro infused with vanilla pods for four days, Coca-Cola syrup now before I turn this into a syrup I toasted cinnamon sticks, add sugar, nutmeg, and cola briny to the boil and simmer , lime juice and then added mint leaves to elevate the flavors of the infused rum add Coca-Cola ice cubes and blend and serve in a glass and garnish with lime jelly.

This Is What I Called The Cuba Libre the georgebar way



4. Stephen Coffie Tetteh

Stephen Coffie Tetteh

Being a bartender, I pride myself in making good cocktails! I choose rum in most of my cocktails because it has so many health benefits! Bacardi rum is my favorite! It helps fight diabetes, cough and cold , preventing of heart diseases, relieves muscle pain, and gives long life !!! In the above video, I added all 3 flavors of Bacardi in making my zombie cocktail!!! Such a mixture of fruit gives a perfectly refreshing taste !!! Have a this drink and thank me later !!!

RECIPE : 30ml Bacardi carta Blanca , Bacardi carta Oro , Bacardi carta Negra , 60ml orange juice , 60ml pineapple juice ,30ml passion fruit , 30ml lemon juice , 30ml simple syrup, orgeat syrup10ml, 20ml grenadine syrup, garnish half passion fruit and prayed absinthe on it !!!

5. Edward Eddieson

Edward Eddieson

VAMIJO in Ewe means “come let’s go”


This is a bright, passion tart and delightfully refreshing drink that can be made in just a minute!

Got this inspiration when I went on vacation at Akatsi in the Volta Region..
Whiles on Vacation, I was served with locally planted organic grilled pineapple…I decided to infuse my favorite Botanic Rosemary and passion fruit to make a refreshing and delightful tasty cocktail…

This simple twist on the traditional pineapple juice is quick and easy to make, and gives a fun yet sophisticated vibe. Every time I serve these, my guests comment that the drink is so much more than they were expecting. And I’m certain that’s due to the combination of tart, in-season passion fruit and earthy, sweet rosemary, the Barcardi CARTA BLANCA(white Rum) – so unexpected, so divine!


6. Matthew Aryee 

Matthew Aryee

Berry Splash Mojito

Bacardi black
Mixed berries
Lime wedges
Raspberry purée
Ginger beer

Bats benefit Bacardi from its safeguards and fortune, and they also pollinate sugar fields to improve their quality.

The best symbol or emblem to represent Bacardi has been used.


Salute to Don Facundo Bacardi Masso for inventing Bacardi in Santiago de Cuba.

The best rum is Bacardi, which is beloved for its mellow, smooth flavor with just the proper amount of complexity.
The entire world recognizes Bacardi’s existence as a positive force.

Among the various Bacardi variations, CARTA NEGRA is the most popular option. possesses the qualities of buttery caramel, vanilla, and sweet tropical fruit, with the smokey molasses element being the most useful.

The reduction and prevention of many chronic diseases, as well as the health and nutritional advantages of mixed berries. Possibly high in fiber, vitamin C, and anti-inflammatory polyphenols.


Additionally, some people’s urinary tract infections are prevented by cranberry. Improve blood sugar management, protect against cancer, cavities, and stomach ulcers, and support heart health.

Lime and mint leave from the appetizer help with digestion and the immune system boosting.

Ginger beer is a prepared ginger spice beverage that has been naturally fermented, sweetened, and carbonated. enhance food digestion and reduce the incidence of cancer.

The body is kept strong and active by all of this nutritional health, and with BACARDI, “we say bye! bye! to you Mr. Doctor.”


7. Nyla Efony (The Wild Card)

Nyla Efony

Born & raised in the Caribbean (Martinique to be exact), I moved to Ghana about a year and a half ago in search of adventure and new flavors I can use for my recipes.
As a cocktail creative, I like to create different tastes that bring back memories or deliver emotions. So for this creation, WELE DAIQUIRI, I blended my Caribbean heritage and my adoptive country Ghana to make something special.

Rum being in my DNA already, I look for what I love the most about Ghanaian food culture, and the first thing that came out of my mind was KELEWELE. I love it !
For those who don’t know, kelewele is a spicy fried Plantain side dish that they sometimes top up with peanuts.

So I went back to my roots to make a « Rhum arrangé » with plantains (that we also have in the Caribbean) and red chili.
For the Garnish, I went with a Katticake, not just because I was craving for it, but to add a nutty taste to the cocktail. And on top of that, in my island, we have something similar we call “Nougat Péyi”.


– Ama, the traveller

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