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Meet the Miss Malaika celebrity god-sisters, Joselyn Dumas, Sandra Ankobiah and Hamamat Montia



malaika pic 1The organizers of this year’s Miss Malaika 2013 has hinted the competition this year will be fierce, engaging and entertaining as a new phase will be introduced to the competition. The new phase of this year’s Miss Malaika 2013 is the three celebrity god sisters who will be responsible for mentoring and grooming the delegates to win the ultimate crown. It is envisaged that these three celebrity god sisters will not only mentor and groom ladies but also compete amongst themselves to make sure that their delegate wins the crown as well as 1st and 2nd runner up respectively. The battle line has been drawn between the god sisters and their groups, the race to see which celebrity god sister’s group or delegate to win the enviable has began; on your mark, get set, go…… are the three celebrity god sisters   Mentoring Lordina, Lois, Yoda and Abigail is Miss Sandra Ankobia. Sandra Ankobia is a Lawyer with an LLB (Bachelor of Laws) and an LLM (Master of Laws – in International and Commercial Law) from the University of Buckingham, UK and was recently called to the Ghana Bar Association.  Sandra is an elegant young woman who strongly believes in the importance of looking good. In 2002, she was first runner up in Miss Ghana and second runner up in Miss Ecowas. Sandra says every delegate in her group is already a winner; they are all queens in their own right with or without the crown. “i have encouraged them to carry themselves like there is an invisible crown on their heads”. Sandra’s group name is Queens and live by the motto is Beauty is not in the face; beauty is but a light in the heart.   Joselyn Dumas is a celebrity god sister to Selma, Twumwaa, Priscilla and Naa Oyoe and they go by the name Team Joselyn.  Joselyn is blessed with more than just a pretty face and sexy curves; she seems to have a good head on her shoulders and is making the most of her career in the media. She made her tv host debut on the entertainment programme Rythmz” and was also the co-producer of Miss Malaika, 2008 – 2010 where she worked with Charter House Productions. As an Actress, she has starred in movie such as ‘Perfect Picture’ in 2008 and also African Movie Academy Award winning movie ‘A Sting in a Tale’ filmed in 2009 an currently Adams Apples. As a celebrity god sister, she’s advised her delegates to take the competition seriously and although they are in a group; they should see themselves as individuals competing for the crown. Joselyn has encouraged her delegates to pray constantly as she’s a testimony of what prayer can do in one’s life. Joselyn believes her group has not only the winner of this year’s Miss Malaika but also the 1st and 2nd runner up queens.   Vicentia, Aisha, Betty and Eugenia are under the wings of celebrity god sister Hamamat and call themselves Group Hamamat. Hamamat Montia won the Miss Malaika pageant in 2006. Her modeling career set off after she represented Ghana internationally on the Miss World Tourism pageant, where she was told she could model and was put in a modeling competition instead; Hamamat went on to win the competition and became the Model of Africa Universe in 2007. Hamamat Montia is an entrepreneur whose company (Seven Heights Group of companies) is surely making a name for itself in the soap and detergent industry in Ghana. Hamamat’s passion for fashion has not ended since she still models and a subsidiary of her company has plans on changing the fashion industry in Ghana soon. So which celebrity god sister’s delegate will win the crown, car and cash? To find out which celebrity god sister’s delegate or group will emerge victorious, tune in to GhOne TV this and every Sunday at 8pm and watch the Miss Malaika reality series.]]>